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Gas Or Electic Which One

Ovens: Gas or Electric?

The oven. One of the most important and regularly used appliances in the kitchen. It’s not inconceivable that you use it multiple times a day. Without it, you couldn’t make lasagne; enough said. For this reason, replacing your oven has got to be a measured decision. And the first thing you have to decide? Well, that would be whether to go for gas or electric. Both energy sources have pros, both have cons. So which is more suitable for you?

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Dishwasher With Clean Crockery

How to fix a leaky dishwasher

One of the most common appliances mishaps we hear about is the leaky dishwasher. If you’ve experienced it, you’ll know what a pain a waterlogged kitchen and a big stack of washing up can be.

Fear not though, because there is a silver lining – it’s not necessarily a job for the plumber. One of the most common causes of a leaking dishwasher is a damaged lower door seal. Here, Josh shows you how easy it is to repair a dishwasher leak in this video…Read more

Protect your Karcher from the big freeze

With late afternoons becoming very early evenings and Christmas looming just over the horizon, summer is now but a distant memory. And while the weather is distinctly warmer than average right now, it won’t be long before there’s ground frost in the morning and scarves and hats everywhere.

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The Cooker Hood is Your Friend

Cooking can generate all kinds of smells – some delicious, some not so delicious. However, one thing is constant. When your delicious beef bourguignon or sausage casserole has been consumed, the last thing you want is its scent to linger.

And that’s where our trusty friend the cooker hood comes in. Now a staple in the majority of kitchens, the units are usually sleek stainless steel or more rustic shade, depending on what you’re going for. There’s a hob-facing cooker hood lamp in them too – handy, functional, and good lookin’.

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Moving A Fridge Freezer

Moving Fridges and Freezers

Should you leave them to stand after moving them?

I was recently asked about the correct thing to do when moving a fridge or freezer. Is it true that you’re supposed to leave your appliance to stand for some time before you switch it on again? I’m well aware of the advice but I really didn’t know whether it was based on any facts or was just an old wives’ tale. There’s certainly plenty of conflicting information on the Internet, ranging from scary assertions that your fridge will definitely blow up to outright dismissal as an urban legend.

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Washing Machine Detergent Capsules

Choosing the Right Laundry Detergent

There are a lot of different laundry detergents out there – but which is the right one for your clothes? You walk down the aisle in the supermarket and you’ve got Ariel here, Persil there, non-biological coming at you, tabs, powder, you name it. While many might use a ‘spray and pray’ technique when choosing detergent, it is possible to make a more informed choice. And that’s where we come in.

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