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4 Essential Considerations When Selecting a Fridge

When it comes to selecting a fridge, whilst the aesthetics are an important consideration, it shouldn’t be the main focus.

Instead, there are a number of other elements that should be thought about. To help you select the perfect fridge for your needs and requirements, we’ve outlined four essential factors you need to think about when selecting a fridge.


If you’re unsure of the type of fridge you are after for your kitchen, measuring the size allocated for your new fridge will invariably help you minimise the options available to you. When it comes to measuring the space you shouldn’t just consider the depth and height of the space.

Other considerations when measuring include the space for the opening of the door, general access and hinge location. You should also leave a minimum of 2cms around the side and top of the fridge for ventilation.

Energy Efficiency:

It is estimated that combined, your fridge and freezer account for seven percent of your yearly energy bill. With the fridge being left on around the clock, it is no good purchasing a fridge which will significantly increase this figure.

Once you’ve allocated space for the new appliance, you need to consider the energy efficiency of the fridge. The EU energy rating runs from A to G; although there are steps you can take to enhance the efficiency of your appliance.

Some top tips include ensuring the seals on the fridge door are effective and kept clean, that your fridge is kept between 3 and 5°C, and if practical, your fridge is kept out of direct sunlight and away from the cooker.

Again, looking for an energy-efficient fridge that fits into the space allocated will have reduced the options available, but it will also help you get the best appliance for your needs and requirements.

Useable Space:

The main job of a fridge is to keep your food and drink chilled and fresh. So it is important to check that the useable space offered meets your needs, both following the normal weekly big shop and during special occasions.

A tip when buying a fridge is to double-check the useable space on offer, and where possible opt for a fridge which enables shelves and door components to be moved to offer more space. For those instances where you need to keep bottles chilled but don’t have space on the shelves, consider adding additional space via a fridge bottle holder!

Fridge of Choice:

We’re almost there helping you select the perfect fridge for your kitchen. You’ve considered the space allocated for the appliance, the energy efficiency of the appliance and the useable space available. Now it is time to pick your fridge of choice.

Don’t forget when you’ve selected a fridge, to check to see if it comes with any additional features, such as auto-defrost or anti-bacterial. You should also check the reviews of each brand and model offered; helping to ensure that you select the best fridge.

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