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Warming Drinks By The Fire

9 Simple Ways You Can Beat the Big Freeze at Home

Over recent weeks the UK has endured Storm Abigail and Storm Barney, with the latter bringing gusts of winds of up to 85mph, which left thousands throughout the UK without power. Whilst Abigail and Barney may have eased off, the winter weather is likely to tighten its grip over coming months.

To make sure you’re ready for any big freeze, we’ve compiled 9 top tips to help you stay warm in winter.

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Fix Writen With Tools

Save Money & Fix It Yourself This Fix It Week

We’re all guilty of it, throwing away an appliance the moment it shows signs of developing a fault. In fact, it is estimated that we purchase 170 million new electrical items each year in the UK, but recycle less than a third when they reach the end of their life.

To encourage more people to fix their faulty / broken appliances, rather than throw them away and purchase new ones, at eSpares we’re supporting Fix It Week (October 19th – 25th) for the second consecutive year.

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Roll Of 20 Pound notes

£20 Repair or £300 New Appliance? You Choose…

The cost of appliances can be frightening, with the price of a washing machine varying from anywhere between £150 and £2,000. After spending a small fortune on household appliances it can be frustrating when they gain a fault.

However, at eSpares we don’t believe that a faulty appliance needs to prove costly. Nor do we think a fault should result in a new appliance being purchased; especially when there’s a good chance you’ll be able to carry out a repair for a fraction of the cost.

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Christmas Tree And Decoration Balls

How to Pick Your Real Christmas Tree

Over recent years real Christmas trees have increased in popularity, with roughly 8.2 million sold in the UK each year. If you’re one of those opting for a real tree, there are a number of steps which you will need to take to prepare for and reduce fallen tree needles.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the more important ones.

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