People Sliding Down Inflatable Slide

Going Gung-Ho!

You could say the eSpares team are always game for a challenge. You could also say we’re gluttons for punishment. Either way, a group of us have decided to take on the world’s longest obstacle course, Gung-Ho, a 5k gruelling stretch of inflatable challenges in aid of our chosen charity, John Taylor Hospice. We’ve dusted off our exercise gear and ditched the pub in favour of some hardcore training for this extremely worthy cause.

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Long Grass In Sunshine

Which Lawnmower Is Right For Your Garden?

A regular trim is good for your lawn and healthy for you too. Anyone who’s pushed a heavy lawnmower around on a hot day knows that it’s a sure fire way to get the heart rate up! But if mowing your lawn is really, really hard work you could be using the wrong lawnmower. Not all mowers are alike, so it’s worth doing your research.  Especially if you’ve just moved to a house with a bigger or smaller garden, or if your current mower is on its last legs.

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Washing Up By Hand

Man vs. Appliance – Who is the More Efficient Dishwasher?

You’ve probably in your lifetime heard someone proclaim “I don’t need a dishwasher, I have my mum/kids/significant other” (delete as applicable). But did you know these human “dishwashers” may be inferior to machines? The myth that hand washing is cleaner, uses less water and is more energy efficient than using a dishwasher is not quite on the money. It does depend on makes and models of course, but dishwashers have the potential to beat human hands hands down! Let’s compare the two.

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Extension Lead With Multiple Plugs

Are Your Plugged In Appliances Wasting Your Money?

It’s night time. You’re tucked up in bed. It’s dark, quiet and peaceful. But unbeknownst to you vampire power is draining energy from all around your home. Sounds spooky!

Actually… it’s less exciting than it sounds. Vampire power is just a more interesting term for the power being used by your appliances when they are left on standby. And it’s not garlic or a wooden stake which will ward off this vampire, just some good habits to minimise your energy use.

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