Robot Lawn Mower Mowing Lawn

Are Robot Lawn Mowers Really Worth The Money?

Fancy relaxing with a cuppa and your feet up while automated appliances work around you keeping your home spick and span? Sound too good to be true? This sci-fi movie scenario may not be as futuristic as it seems. Robot appliances are available right now! The question is: do they actually work?  Today we’re talking robot lawn mowers and their pros and cons.

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Steam Cleaning Brown Carpet

How to Avoid the 8 Most Common Steam Cleaning Mistakes

So you think you know how to use your steam cleaner? It’s pretty easy right? Just plug in, switch on, fill with water and get to cleaning. You don’t even need to do any scrubbing for sparkling clean results! But it may surprise you to learn that there are still quite a few mistakes people make when steam cleaning their homes.

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New Website Displayed On Different Devices

A Million Spares In Your Pocket…

Something’s changed around here. It’s not our products, we’ve still got millions of spare parts for your appliances. It’s not our desire to help you wonderful customers either. Don’t worry, we’ve still got your back when your fridge, oven or vacuum cleaner develops a fault. There’s just one thing that’s different and that’s our shiny, brand spanking new website!

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