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Robot Lawn Mower Mowing Lawn

Are Robot Lawn Mowers Worth Their Hefty Pricetag?

Fancy relaxing with a cuppa and your feet up while automated appliances work around you keeping your home spick and span? Sound too good to be true? This sci-fi movie scenario may not be as futuristic as it seems. Robot appliances are available right now! The question is: do they actually work?  Today we’re talking robot lawn mowers and their pros and cons.

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Long Grass In Sunshine

Which Lawnmower Is Right For Your Garden?

A regular trim is good for your lawn and healthy for you too. Anyone who’s pushed a heavy lawnmower around on a hot day knows that it’s a sure fire way to get the heart rate up! But if mowing your lawn is really, really hard work you could be using the wrong lawnmower. Not all mowers are alike, so it’s worth doing your research.  Especially if you’ve just moved to a house with a bigger or smaller garden, or if your current mower is on its last legs.

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Garden Lawn With Flowers

Could Your Lawn Look Surprisingly Better?

Have you ever looked across a beautifully manicured lawn at a golf course or stately home and wished your lawn at home looked similar? We’d hate to leave you wistfully dreaming so we’ve put together some do’s and don’t’s bound to dramatically improve the appearance of your own grass. So let’s get stuck in!

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Cutting Grass With scissors

How to Replace the Blade on Your Lawnmower

The blade on your lawnmower may appear robust, but it is susceptible to damage, especially if it comes into contact with more than the grass you’re cutting. In fact, your lawnmower’s manual is likely to state that if you hit a foreign object with your lawnmower, such as a stone, you should immediately check the blade.

However, few of us do this despite a damaged lawnmower blade having a detrimental effect on the cut of your lawn. But, replacing the blade on a lawnmower isn’t a difficult task and by following the advice below you should be able to replace your lawnmower blade in little more than 5 minutes.

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3 Oil Gallons

How To Drain Oil From Your Lawnmower

During the grass cutting season, which traditionally runs between March and October (weather dependent) your lawnmower is a vital garden appliance, and one which is called into action on almost a weekly basis.

As a result, it comes under a lot of stress which can result in faults developing. Key to minimising the risk of such faults is to provide your lawnmower with regular maintenance, and this includes draining the oil at certain points during the cutting season, as outlined below.

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Lawnmower And Grass Cuttings

Why Won’t My Lawnmower Start?

With the main mowing season running from March until October and it being recommended to mow your lawn on at least a weekly basis, your lawnmower understandably comes under a lot of pressure, wear and tear.

As a result faults can arise. One such problem, which is more common than you may think, is the lawnmower not starting. Thankfully, whether you have a petrol or electric lawnmower, rectifying such an issue can often be relatively easy.

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17 Common Garden Appliance Faults…And How to Fix Them [Infographic]

Your garden appliances, from your lawnmowers and chainsaws through to your grass trimmers and pressure washers, are invaluable in helping to keep the exterior of your home looking at its best.

But, without correct and regular maintenance, your garden appliances can develop faults. In this infographic we look at 17 of the most common garden appliance faults, and explain how to fix them.