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Woman With Watering Hose

How Often Should You Water Your Plants?

Some people are born gardeners, some people have gardening thrust upon them. If you’ve moved into a place with a garden, or you’ve inherited a houseplant, congratulations! You now have a living thing to love and care for. Scary thought, we know! So naturally, the first question is, how often should you water your plant to keep it alive?

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Autumn Leaves Falling On Ground

5 Super Effective Ways to Tackle Pesky Autumn Leaves

A couple of autumn leaves fall onto your lawn. You don’t really notice. A few more fall on the grass and into the flower beds. No problem, they’ll release essential nutrients as they rot and help feed your plants. Then the autumnal foliage ups its game and seemingly overnight the whole lawn is obscured by a carpet of fiery hues. Time to break out the garden tools.

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Trowel Gardening Gloves And Bulbs

How to be a Super Savvy Autumn Gardener

The last lingering bursts of summer sunshine are few and far between and it’s time to face facts. Autumn is here. Officially the first day of autumn was the 22nd September, so it’s time to embrace fiery golden foliage, shiny conkers underfoot, blackberries on hedgerows and maybe even start thinking about breaking out the electric blanket. But what does all this mean for the autumn gardener?

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Cutting The Hedge

3 Garden Appliances You’ll Need This Autumn / Winter

Gardening, you either love it or you hate it. Either way, gardening is an around the year job, from tending to your flowerbeds during the spring months to provide your bulbs with the best chance of blooming; through to de-weeding during the summer. Throughout autumn and winter, work within the garden doesn’t stop, and to help you stay on top of your garden during the final months of this year we’ve compiled a list of three of the essential garden appliances you should have ready for action in your shed.

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Robot Lawn Mower Mowing Lawn

Are Robot Lawn Mowers Worth Their Hefty Pricetag?

Fancy relaxing with a cuppa and your feet up while automated appliances work around you keeping your home spick and span? Sound too good to be true? This sci-fi movie scenario may not be as futuristic as it seems. Robot appliances are available right now! The question is: do they actually work?  Today we’re talking robot lawn mowers and their pros and cons.

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Long Grass In Sunshine

Which Lawnmower Is Right For Your Garden?

A regular trim is good for your lawn and healthy for you too. Anyone who’s pushed a heavy lawnmower around on a hot day knows that it’s a sure fire way to get the heart rate up! But if mowing your lawn is really, really hard work you could be using the wrong lawnmower. Not all mowers are alike, so it’s worth doing your research.  Especially if you’ve just moved to a house with a bigger or smaller garden, or if your current mower is on its last legs.

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