How to use your appliance manuals to save money and energy

They come with our new appliances, gadgets and electronics… but far too often do we disregard our appliance manuals, only to regret it when we realise we might need them at a later date. After all, user manuals can save you a fortune!

Appliance user manuals are official documents from the manufacturer designed to explain complex or technical information in a way we can all understand. They help with setting up, operating and troubleshooting errors with your appliances, allowing you to maintain and use them cost-effectively and accurately. So without further ado, here’s how to use your appliance manual to save money and energy!

Lost Your Manual?

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Before we begin, it’s important to actually have your manual at hand if you want to use it. Who’d have known?! So if you’ve lost your manual and don’t know where it is, don’t worry. You can simply download a copy on our website. Just simply enter your model number and find your appliance. Oh, and make sure to keep this one somewhere safe!

Safety Information

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Safety first! Always check the safety information in your manual before you set up or use your appliance. It’s best to be fully aware of any precautions you should take. This will help you use your appliance safely and save money, as a safe appliance is less likely to develop costly faults and use energy unnecessarily.

Setting Up

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We may think we don’t need the instructions… but actually, we really do! Save yourself the hassle of the guesswork and read your user manual before you start setting up your item. It will tell you exactly what you need to do and what every button, remote or gadget is for. Trust us, it saves time (and lots of swear words) and setting up your appliances with the proper guidance will make them sturdier, last longer, run more efficiently and save you money on righting the wrongs caused by neglecting the manual’s instructions.

How to Use

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When we get new appliances, it’s often all too easy to use their most basic functions and leave it at that. However, turning to your manual to determine an appliance’s settings, features and functions can go a long way. For example, a washing machine may have an eco-setting that saves money and energy that you would never know about without reading the manual. That’s why reading manuals can help you learn the most efficient ways to use an appliance, helping you save a ton on your energy bills.


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Unfortunately, no appliance lasts forever, and all will eventually develop a fault or gradual wear and tear sooner or later. Fortunately, a manual will help you quickly diagnose and get to the bottom of any potential errors. That way, you can quickly buy any necessary spare parts and fix the fault for yourself. It certainly beats scratching your head and simply throwing the appliance away in favour of a new one, which can cost you hundreds of pounds!


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If one of your appliances breaks down and there’s no way to repair it for yourself, however, the manual can be a lifesaver… or at least a money saver! After all, many manufacturers offer free appliance fixes in a certain timeframe due to warranties, but you might never know this without your manual. You’ll likely also find the necessary contact information in there too!

If this blog has gotten you into the mindset of saving money and energy with your appliances, don’t forget to also check out our blog post on 40 easy ways to save money and energy in your home. You’ll have knocked a fortune off your energy bills before you know it!

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