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You’ve been using your tumble dryer wrong and it’s costing you money

During the cold winter months, your tumble dryer is a lifesaver for speeding up the laundry drying process, but is it costing you way more than it should?

According to Repair Aid, an energy-efficient tumble dryer will cost around £30-£60 to run per year whereas a dryer that isn’t being run efficiently could cost you £100-£200 per year. Now that’s a big difference! Before you panic, there are plenty of things you can do to save energy when using your tumble dryer that will help make a difference to your energy bills.

Speed up the process

Wool Tumble Dryer BallsEnergy-saving tumble dryer wool balls are about to be your new best friend! Placing a couple of these magic balls in with your laundry load can reduce drying time by up to 30%! They work by separating your items to help air circulate around them meaning they will dry faster and save energy.

It that wasn’t enough, these dryer balls are made from durable, long-lasting New Zealand wool so not only are they energy efficient but completely plastic free too!

For advice on how to get the most out of your tumble dryer balls, take a look at our video:

Keep it clean

Filter Full Of Lint

An easy way to save energy with your tumble dryer is to give it a regular clean. The most important cleaning task is to remove lint from the filter after EVERY, yes we mean every, tumble dryer cycle. A build-up of lint will not only cause your appliance to run less efficiently but could also be a fire risk if the lint gets inside your machine.

If you have a vented tumbler dryer, be sure to regularly check the outside vent and the vent hose for any lint, dust or debris too. This will allow your dryer to vent air out safely and efficiently. If you have a condenser tumble dryer, remember to empty the condenser drawer of water after every cycle too. If the drawer becomes too full, the cycle will keep stopping meaning you have to use more energy to start it up again.

Load it up

Laundry Inside Tumble DryerWhen it comes to loading your dryer, you need to know how much to fill it. An overfull dryer will take longer to dry clothes and an empty dryer will use up energy for fewer items. Fill your dryer around 3/4 of the way full. This way, you are making the most of the cycle but still giving your laundry space to move around freely. Overfilling can also put excess wear and tear on the internal parts of the machine which can lead to faults.

An extra tip when loading your dryer is to make sure you shake out each item and detangle it before placing it in the machine. This will help your clothing dry much faster and they won’t be as wrinkled when they come out. If you’re drying things like duvet covers, make sure you do up the buttons or fasteners as this will stop smaller items from getting stuck inside and not drying as well.

Set the date

Calendar With Date Circled

To make sure you’re saving energy and getting the most from your dryer, try and do all of your tumble drying chores on the same day. Tumble drying one load after another means that your machine won’t have to use as much energy to heat up each time, as there will be residual heat inside the dryer from previous loads. Plus, that’s laundry day done and dusted!

Know your settings

Tumble Dryer Settings

If your tumble dryer has an auto dry function, use this setting as much as you can. A timed cycle could leave your machine running even after your items are already dry but the auto dry setting will only dry your clothes in the amount of time that they need, saving you both time and energy in the process.

Keep it warm

Tumble Dryer Inside CabinetWhere you store your tumble dryer can also have a big impact on how much energy it uses. Keeping your appliance in a cold garage or lean-to could mean that it uses more energy to heat up. If you can, store your tumble dryer in a warmer area in your home so it doesn’t have to work as much to get and stay warm.

Tackle faults fast

Man Looking Inside Tumble Dryer
If your tumble dryer develops a fault, leaving it will only cause more damage to the machine and cost you more in the long run. The majority of appliance faults can actually be fixed by yours truly, saving you hundreds on call out charges and engineer costs. Take a look at the eSpares Advice Centre that will give you everything you need to diagnose, fix and replace parts in your machine to get it working to its best again.

If for some reason your tumble dryer cannot be fixed (and you’ve really tried everything) be sure to get one with a really good energy efficiency rating. These may be a bit more expensive but will save you money over the machine’s life span. Take a look at our blog that tells you everything you need to know about appliance energy rating labels to make sure you’re getting the best option.

For even more tips on saving money and energy with your tumbler dryer, check out our video below:

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