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The 3 appliance clocks you’ll probably forget to change

The clocks may change at the same time twice a year… but remembering to change all the clocks around your household isn’t always so simple.

Yes, adjusting the time on our phones and watches is easy enough to keep on top of. Some of the other appliances in our homes, however… not so much!

That being said, even if you do remember to change the clocks on every appliance you own, some can be trickier to figure out than others. Read on to learn how to change the clocks on your household appliances and keep them all ticking at the right time!


Close Up Of Clock On Oven
Don’t underestimate the clock on your oven! Sometimes, when your oven has stopped working, it can be entirely down to the clock not being set. (Top tip – check this before you start taking your faulty oven apart!)

Remember to add your oven to your clock changing routine. Different brands have different ways of setting the clock. Here we’ve put together some videos to help you:

Belling Oven

Stoves Oven

Lamona Oven

Electric Oven

For guidance on changing the clocks on different oven makes, refer to your user manual. Misplaced your manual? Not to worry, you can download it from the eSpares website.


Person Changing Clock On Microwave

What would we do without our microwaves? They make fast meals, a mean beans on toast and help us tell the time when we’re in a rush! So, make sure yours has the correct time by putting the clock forward this spring.

Again, different brands have different ways of doing this, so check your user guide or download it for reference.

Here we have videos for Kenwood, Sharp, Samsung, CDA and Russell Hobbs microwaves that might help you.

Kenwood Microwave

Sharp Microwave

Samsung Microwave

CDA Microwave

Russell Hobbs Microwave


Smart Fridge With SmartPhone

If you have one of those snazzy fridges that tells you what’s on your shopping list (lucky you!) be sure to change the clock so it can continue to sync with your phone. You don’t want to be running out of eggs any time soon!

This is pretty straight forward and similar to your smartphone, but check the user manual just to be sure.

That’s all there is to changing the clocks on your appliances! But just in case you forget how to change one or another again, you can always check out our appliance clock changing playlist to remind yourself how.

See, changing clocks isn’t so bad after all! However, there are plenty of other ways to keep on top of your home appliances too. If they’re are getting a bit noisy, for example, check out our blog post on how to fix household appliances that go bump in the night so you can keep them from disturbing you – no matter the time!

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