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14 ways to keep warm when working from home

Winter is coming and it doesn’t look like many of us will be returning to the workplace any time soon.

WFH during summer was a fantastic time of working in the garden, having windows wide open and enjoying lunch outdoors. The winter, however, is going to be very different!

So, as many of us continue to work from home through the cold winter months, one thing we will be trying to do is keep our finger off the thermostat button! Here are some tips on how to keep warm when working from home and save money by avoiding the temptation to turn on the heating!

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1. Layers, layers and more layers are the answer! Get out your warmest jumpers and pop your thermals underneath for extra warmth.

2. If you do put the heating on, try and limit it to half an hour or so in the morning just to take the chill out of the air.

3. Turn radiators in the rest of the house down so you can concentrate on heating the room you are working in.

4. Heat one room by investing in an electric radiator. It’s cheaper than having the heating on and you can place it next to your desk to get the best of the heat!

Hands Over Electrical Radiator

Closed Blinds With Sun Coming Through

5. Keep doors and windows in the room closed to stop draughts getting in.

6. Closing blinds and curtains can also help with keeping the heat in.

7. Wrapping up in blankets is a great way to get warm or you can speed up the process with a electrical heated blanket. You won’t want to leave your desk!

8. Is there anything more comforting than a hot water bottle on your lap? Use it while you’re working to warm you up and keep your hands warm too.

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Hands Holding Warm Tea

9. Fill up on warm lunches like soup which will warm you from the inside out!

10. Keep topped up with warm drinks such as tea, coffee or yummy hot chocolates.

11. Keep moving! Do a 10-minute exercise before you start work or a quick dance session on your lunch break! Try to keep moving throughout the day and get your blood pumping.

12. Invest in a draught blocker to keep cold at bay.

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Glove, Hat And Scarf

13. A lot of heat escapes from your head, hands and feet. So, pop on your woolly hat, fingerless gloves and plenty of socks when it gets really cold!

14. Another way to warm up from the feet up is with an electrical foot warmer! Keep your tootsies warm and you’ll be cosy too!

For more ways to save money when working from home, check our tips on saving money and energy around your home.

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