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How to Karcher Your Back to School Cleaning

Although summer may be drawing to a close and autumn is shuffling its way in, all happiness is not lost. If you have children, September means only one thing…they’ve gone back to school! Hooray for education!

So, as you go about trying to restore a vestige of sanity to your home following months with the little dears, we thought it would be handy to show you some of the ways you can depend on Karcher to help you with some key tasks.

Let’s start with the outside. Karcher is well known and respected for its pressure washers, which can blast through dirt and grime around your garden, patio and decking. You can even use them on your car, boat, caravan, private jet or space shuttle for a gleaming finish. Karcher pressure washers (along with a huge range of pressure washing spares and accessories) are available at eSpares

Check out our demo of the small but mighty Karcher K2 along with some handy pressure washing accessories:

So, that’s the outside covered, but what about the inside? Well, once all the toys have been found, DVDs have been replaced in their actual cases and you’ve stepped on one too many pieces of Lego, why not consider steam cleaning to get surfaces and appliances sparkling clean again? In this video, we walk you through some of the places you can use a steam cleaner, employing the very capable Karcher SC1020 for the occasion:

Of course, even when you’ve done all of that, there’s the windows to contend with. Oh dear – getting a clean, streak finish on those panes which seem to be littered with fingerprints, smears and other marks you’d rather not guess at the origins of isn’t going to straightforward…is it? Introducing the Karcher Window Vac which leaves windows (inside and outside), mirrors, glass tables, shower glass and more shining, especially with the help of our window vac spares.

Now after that you might say “But what about conservatories and high-up windows that I can’t reach? What about those, Josh? Hmmm?” Look out, Karcher to the rescue once again! Just hook up these rather swanky bits of kit and become the pride of your neighbourhood:

So, don’t be afraid – get stuck in and breeze through the post-summer-holiday-clean-up! After all, it’s only a few weeks till half term…

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