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Seriously cool fridge and freezer hacks to get you through summer

Your fridge freezer isn’t just for chilling your food!

In summer your fridge and freezer are there for endless ice cream, cooling fruit medleys and storing the BBQ food, but that’s not all. Your trusty appliance can actually do a whole lot more. We’ve got some great ways your fridge and freezer can help cool you down, help you sleep and save your sunburn!

It’s time to think outside the fridge and sp’ice up your fridge and freezer use! Here’s how:

Sunburn On Back

Relieve sunburn

Store aftersun in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation after a risky day in the sun!

Restore chapped lips

Pop your Vaseline or lip salve in the fridge overnight to stop it going gooey in the heat.

Person Applying Lip Salve

Pouring Water In Glass

Avoid single plastic use

Keep water in reusable glass bottles in your fridge and make your own ice cubes. You’ll get instantly cool drinks and can do your bit for the environment too.

DIY your air conditioner


Freeze ice in a bottle and put it in front of a fan for a DIY air conditioner. Cold air will then circulate around the room and help keep you cool.

Young Girl Infront Of Fan

Salad Ingredients On Plate

Stay hydrated

Stock up your fridge with salad ingredients including lettuce and cucumber as well as fruits such as watermelon and strawberries. These foods have a high water content which will help to keep you hydrated.

Cool down fast

Use frozen veg from your freezer and place them on your wrists for a couple of minutes. The blood flows close to the skin here so cooling this one pressure point will help to cool the rest of the body.

Cold Pack On Wrist

Woman Asleep On Cold Pillow

A restful sleep

Place your pillowcase and sheets in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes before bed. Pop them in a plastic bag and it will give you a nice cooling sensation to get you off to sleep on warm nights.

Cool your tootsies

Dig out your winter hot water bottle and freeze it instead! Once it’s frozen you can wrap it in a towel then rest it on your feet for a longer-lasting cooling effect.

Hot Water Bottle And Teddy Bear

Frozen Fruits In Pile

Help your summer bod

Still on a summer health kick but just want ice cream? Freeze fruit juice to make makeshift ice lollies or snack on frozen banana or berries to get your fill of something cold and sweet.

Avoid the ‘meat sweats’

Leave your meat in the freezer. Meat takes more energy for your body to break down which raises your temperature. Stick to lighter, healthier meals in the summer months.

Meat Stored In Freezer

Another thing your freezer is good for? Storing ice cream! Check out these delicious ice cream recipes you need to try this summer for yummy ideas and healthier options too!

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