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Fixing It Yourself = Saving Money

We make no secret of the fact that fixing an appliance with the help of eSpares can save you heaps of cash! But there is nothing better from than hearing it from our customers themselves!

Don’t just take our word for it! Here are a few of our favourite money-saving reviews that make us feel fantastic…

Element for AEG B4101-4, this is exact replacement, very quick to fit, just make sure the mains are switched off at cooker point or main consumer unite. 4 x screws and the backplate are off, 2 x screws and the element is out, two connections to remove and just fit in reverse order. Make sure fan does not touch that element. Plus, wife thinks it’s better than before. Quality of this part to me seemed better than the original part. The approved agent wanted over £50.00 + VAT for their replacement part.

Anonymous from North Wales


My fan oven element was a brilliant purchase. Just like the video said to fit, it took exactly 10 minutes to fit, it saved me £140 will definitely use espares again.

Anonymous from Norwich.


Life Saver. So easy, bought an oven thermostat for my broken oven and it saved me £700! My wonderful cooker is now back up and running again!

Anonymous from Newbury


Fantastic Value. I thought we needed a new cooker as the door wouldn’t close then we found this company via the internet. I bought an oven door roller catch and I now have a brand new cooker for less than a tenner. The door catch was a godsend, fast delivery and constant updates, easy to fit and has saved me a fortune. Thank you.

Anonymous from Bolton


Great, I saved tons! Had to wait a while as out of stock but received emails to update re-delivery. My replacement grill electrode was a great product and easy to fit. I saved tons as I thought we were going to have to buy a new cooker!

Anonymous from Bedford.

If you’re appliance breaks or develops a fault, our handy advice centre can help you diagnose and fix the problem as well as saving heaps of cash! Or share your eSpares success story on our Facebook page.

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