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How to fix your confidence in just 5 easy steps!

From fixing an appliance to starting a new job, if you have the confidence you’re already halfway there!

Sometimes, the only tool you need is confidence but it’s easier said than done. Here are 5 things you can do to help boost your confidence levels and start overcoming challenges like a boss!

Fix your mindset

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You CAN do it! Instead of thinking of all the ways why you shouldn’t and the types of obstacles you could meet along the way, think about why you should be doing it and what a triumph it will be when you complete it! Think back to when you did something for the first time, either walking into a new job or even your first driving lesson! The fear and doubt were all worth it because now your practically a pro!

Use the skills you do have

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Focus on what you can do! Those little things like your concentration when reading a map, determination from mountain hiking or the patience you have in difficult situations are all skills that can help you in other tasks too! When you’re looking at a problem or task, think about how you can use your skills to help you tackle it!

Use social media to your advantage

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Social media can make a lack of confidence even worse but if that’s the case you’re not using it properly! Instead of scrolling through your timeline looking at what Kim Kardashian is up to or which city Harry from university is visiting this month, use it to your advantage. There is so much helpful and insightful information on the world of social you just need to know where to find it.

If you’re a photographer follow pages that inspire you or give out tips, if you’re a reader follow book review pages to see the latest big read or if you’re a fixer, well the eSpares YouTube channel has over 500 videos to help you diagnose and fix your appliances (just saying)!

Get help from friends

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A problem shared is a problem halved! Your friends know you best so ask for their advice and help. They may have ways of doing things that you might not have thought of, or they can give you that little confidence boost that you need to keep going.

Channel your inner hero!

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We’re not talking about fighting evil, but that inner spirit that appears in stressful situations and deals with them! Release your heroic self and you can deal with anything that comes your way!

Now you’ve found your superhuman confidence, why try taking on that appliance fix!

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