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Tried and Tested Chat Up Lines to Boost Your Online Dating! (You’re Welcome)

Here’s what happened when our Copywriter used appliance themed chat up lines on a popular dating app…

It’s not often the water cooler conversations turn into work, but this time we had the perfect idea! Feeling inspired by all your favourite chat up lines the team, of course, starting talking about theirs which led me to a light bulb moment – why not try out some appliance themed lines! (stay with me)

So, in a bid to come up with some seriously cheesy chat up lines with appliances at the base and a nod from the boss that I could use a dating app during work hours (strictly work purposes of course) I set off on my journey. The app was launched, chat up lines at the ready and I said goodbye to my dating street cred! Here’s how I got on…

Cheesy but worth it…

This was possibly my favourite line due to the added cheese and, surprisingly, it didn’t get the frosty reception it probably deserved!

Online Dating Message 2

…and I may have even bagged myself a trip to Disney Land. Winning!

The perfect opener…

Who knew an oven theme would lead to everyone’s favourite dinner date!

Online Dating Message 1

…very smooth!

The epic fail…

Well, I probably should have known but it was worth a try!
Online Dating Message 9

…clearly not the excitement he was looking for!

The one that makes you question your status…

He has a point!

Online Dating Message 10

The real head spinner…

So this guy was either seriously impressed with my chat-up line skills or was just humouring me, we shall never know! But what I do know is that his chat-up line skills are the best of the bunch!

Online Dating Message 11

…I think I found my soul mate!

And the winner is…

The clear winner was far from a washout!

This one’s got a point…

Online Dating Message 3

No caption needed…

Online Dating Message 5

Finally, after days of chat up lines, it was time to call it a day…

Online Dating Message 8

Mind = blown.

So there you have it, our tried and tested chat up lines that, if nothing else, are sure to grab your matches’ attention! Who knows, maybe this could be the start of a plugged-in romance. (I’ll stop now!)

If this doesn’t work, we’ve also got some tips on how you can use your fixing skills to bag yourself a date! Just call us the eSpares love Guru’s!

Appy dating!

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