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Broken stuff? Here is the Ultimate Guide to Fixing it Yourself

When anything breaks or gets damaged, there’s always the worry of how you’re going to fix it, how much it’s going to cost or what you’re going to do without it. Well, we have the answer!

Whether it’s your appliance, your car, bike, phone, tablet or favourite top, we’ve put together some of the most helpful resources which help you to fix it yourself! Not only will this save you time, money and effort, but it will also help to save the environment and allow you to pick up a skill for life.


Man Repairing Oven In Kitchen

Here at eSpares, we have over 500 YouTube tutorials to help you diagnose and fix your appliances yourself. We offer expert help, advice, and guidance to allow you to find the right part and give you the confidence boost you need to bring out the inner DIY’er and become a domestic hero!

Check out our advice centre.

BikeDad Teaching Son To Fix Bike

If you’re an avid bike rider but find it a nightmare trying to find where to get it fixed, why not learn to do it yourself! Here are some organisations that might be able to help you.

There are plenty of bike DIY Fix-It Stations around the country with passionate bike riders willing to share their skills. Places such as Bikeworks, The Bristol Bike Project and the London Bike Kitchen, hold regular sessions or you can drop in for some advice!

Evans Cycles also hold FIX IT classes around the UK where attendees receive a home maintenance starter kit and a training manual as well as expert advice and guidance.

If your child is a bike lover, why not teach them early! diy.org is an online community for kids to learn new skills! It has a great section with easy to follow videos explaining the basics of bike fixing.


Woman Fixing Car

There’s nothing more annoying than a hefty bill for a car repair! Although some fixes do require a professional, there are plenty you can learn to do yourself.

Cars.com provides some expert advice and guidance on everything from changing oil to replacing headlight lamps. They have step-by-step videos that break down repairs and help you save heaps of money. Simply select your make and model and choose from a selection of faults and repairs.

doityourself.com also has some great videos showing you how to complete common repairs yourself. It even has some helpful tips on things such as how to avoid getting scammed at a garage and installing your new car radio.

Reed recruitment also provides an online DIY Car Maintenance course allowing you to learn all the basics of car repair and learn a heap of new skills.


Hands Fixing Clothes With Sewing Machine

Discovered your favourite top has a hole in it just before you’re about to wear it? Beloved jeans have begun to wear? Don’t throw them away, fix them!

Love Your Clothes is a great website with tips on all stuff clothing! It has some great videos with tips on how to care for your clothes, how to fix broken zips, mending hems, repairing ripped pockets and a whole lot more.

If some items really have past their best or they no longer fit, give them to your local charity shop or pop them in a clothing recycling bin. Find your local one here. 


Hands Repairing Mobile Phone

iFixit is an extremely handy website that gives you a step by step guide to fixing your phone, tablet, Mac, games console, camera, and even your car! Simply select your model, choose from the options of faults and give your fix a go! Fixes are rated from easy, moderate and hard and you can even purchase kits that will provide all you need to complete the repair!

The Restart Project holds repair parties up and down the country to help people learn to fix their devices or appliances. Simply bring your broken items along and they will help you fix it or provide advice and guidance on how to do this.

Now you’re the master of the fix, why not share your skills with friends and family and give a gift that truly lasts! Take a look at other ways we can keep these important life skills from dying out and pass them down to generations to come!

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