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Everyday Items That Cost More Than Fixing Your Appliance!

Did you know you could fix your appliance for the same price as a bottle of wine?

If you’re thinking about fixing your appliance but the fear of costs is holding you back, we’re here to tell you it’s really not that costly (or difficult!) Appliance spares really do cost less than most things you buy everyday!

Still not convinced? Well here’s the proof before your very eyes!

Two Black Vacuum Belts On White Background


For the price of a bottle of wine, you could fix your vacuum cleaner!

Bottle Pouring Wine Into Glass

If you’re planning to share a bottle of wine (or 4 ) with friends this weekend, the price of just one will get you a vacuum drive belt. Yes it may not be as exciting, but it’s sure to give to you that same fuzzy feeling knowing your vacuuming is saved!

Plus, with the money you save from buying a new vacuum cleaner you could buy approximately 33 bottles of wine. Result!


Fridge Door Seal On White BAckground


For the price of a slap up meal for 2, you could fix your fridge!

Expensive Looking Duck Fillet Meal

If you’re being forced to eat out because you can’t use for fridge, you could spend the same amount on a replacement door seal. If the food in your fridge isn’t staying cold, it could be something as simple as the door not shutting properly. Then, you can treat the family to a delicious home made dinner to celebrate (or make them do it for you!)

Grey Dishwasher Spray Arm


For the price of your Netflix subscription, you could fix your dishwasher!

Netflix Logo On Ipad

You may not get as much entertainment from your dishwasher, but it sure will free up your time to binge on that new series you’ve been waiting for!

If your dishes aren’t coming out as clean as they used it, you might need to just replace the spray arm and it’s worth it to save on the washing up.


Coffee Machine Filter


For the price of your morning coffee, you could fix your coffee machine!

Takeaway Coffee Cup

If you’re a coffee addict but are buying daily cups because your machine is letting you down, you can fix it for the price! If it’s not tasting great, it may just be the filter that needs changing. So bring your coffee back to life and save money too.

Espares Washing Machine Cleaner And Descaler


For the price of  your weekly fruit bowl, you could prevent your appliances from breaking down!

Array Of Fruit In Blue Bowl

As well as keeping your body healthy, keep your appliances healthy for the same price! A cleaner and descaler will keep your washing machine and dishwasher clean and healthy, preventing faults and break downs and giving you peace of mind!

If this has got you in the fixing mood, here is everything you need to fix your broken things yourself!

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