Girl Opening Socks For Christmas

The eSpares Team’s Best And Worst Gifts Revealed!

And socks aren’t the worst…

“Always smile and say thank you, even if you don’t like it” is the words our parents would drum into us when opening presents as a child, but sometimes it just isn’t that easy! We’ve dug deep to find out the eSpares team’s best and worst gifts they’ve ever received and even forced them to send us photos!

We hope you have as much fun reading as we had discovering them!

Short lived glory!

Photo Of Lee Opening Game

This present was my best and worst all in one! It was my 11th birthday and I’d got the game ‘Shearer Shootout’ which I was absolutely buzzing about. However, no one would play it with me, so scoring goals against a keeper who wasn’t being controlled by anyone quickly made the novelty wear off. Check how happy I am though…

Flowers aren’t always a good present!

My boyfriend  bought me flowers. When I say flowers I mean weeds. And when I say bought I mean ripped up from the ground on the way to meet me with the muddy roots still attached.

Weed Flowers Inside A Juice Bottle

The picture says it all…

Eleanor Holding Her Doll

My slightly odd friend made me a doll in my own likeness. She didn’t give it any clothes, but she did take the time to make sure my cellulite thighs and bum chin were accurately depicted.

Optimus slime…


My best gift – Transformer costume of Optimus Prime when I was about 6. My worst gift – Transformer costume of Optimus Prime when I was about 6. As I got that excited, I was sick down it! The wash cycle seemed to last forever! 

Optimus Prime Toy Figure

The gift of bad handwriting!

Santa Claus Holding Gift In Hand

The best gift i ever had was gaming headphones when I was 12 years old. I broke down in tears of happiness and thanked my Dad’s ex-girlfriend, Sarah for the present. When the tears cleared from my eyes I realised the tag said “From Santa” not “From Sarah” as I initially thought (I blame my Dad’s handwriting!)

Memories are forever…

A scrapbook with memories was my best present because it showed me that someone had spent a lot of time and effort to make me smile. It reminded me of all the good times, and the embarrassing ones!

Mariya's Book Of Memories

Home sweet home…

Chinese Gold Cat On White Background

It was my first Christmas at uni so I asked my parents to make me homemade gifts so I could keep some nice reminders of home in my uni dorm. My dad got a bit of wood and carved an absolute monstrosity of a waving cat. Bless him he’d spent hours on it but it was just so, so bad. I had to keep it in my wardrobe when my friends came over to my room because it scared them.

And the gift that grows on you…

Worst gift at 12 years old – socks, best gift at 18 years old – socks!

Pile Of Christmas Themed Socks


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