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14 BBQ Hacks for an Epic Summer Party!

It’s finally summer, and that calls for one thing and one thing only –a barbecue!

We Brits love a BBQ, and with plenty of things to celebrate this summer, we can’t think of a better reason to get your grill on! Not only that, we’ve got some seriously cool hacks to help you become the boss of the BBQ and throw the party of the season!

  1. No more dry burgers!

Put an ice cube in the centre of your burger patty and your burgers will be cooked through without being dry.

  1. No more sticky fish!

If you like to add a bit of fish to your BBQ, grill it on top of sliced lemons or greaseproof paper to prevent it from sticking.

Person Putting Ice Cube On Burger Patty
Credit: Tip Hero

Egg Carton With BBQ Coal
Credit: sew many ways…

  1. Light it up!

Never have the embarrassment of not being able to light the BBQ again! Grab a cardboard egg carton, fill it with coals and light it up.

  1. Spice it up!

Add herbs to your burning coal to add a little extra flavour to your food.

  1. Save space!

Use a muffin tray and fill it with different sauces and toppings to have everything available to your guests and make more room on the table.

  1. Save your meats!

Keep your meat secure by using double skewers. You’ll never have to face the agony of them falling off the BBQ again!

Different Condiments In Muffin Tin
Credit: Billy Parisi

Pizza On BBQ With Cheese And Pepperoni
Credit: The Pioneer Woman

  1. Get your 5 a day!

Wrap veggies in foil parcels and grill them on the BBQ to cater for all your guests.

  1. Get your pizza on!

If you’re getting bored of burgers and bangers, stick a pizza on your BBQ!  Check out this recipe for some great tips.

  1. Don’t forget dessert!

A grilled banana filled with marshmallows and chocolate makes for the perfect summer BBQ dessert! Find out how to make it!

  1. Don’t lose your bottle opener!

To ensure the bottle opener is always there when you need it, attach it to your drinks bucket. This will save you from the ‘who had it last’ arguments!

Chocolate And Marshmallow Stuffed BBQ Bananas
Credit: What’s Gabby Cooking

Person's Arm Cleaning BBQ With Onion
Credit: kitchn

  1. No more washing up!

Use disposable plates and trays to save on your washing up. You can even get some really fancy ones if you want to impress.

  1. No more scrubbing!

Attach half an onion to a fork and rub it into the grill while it’s still hot. This cuts right into the grease and grime and makes the job a whole lot easier!

  1. Never run out of glasses!

When the drinks are flowing there’s nothing worse than running out of glasses and serving drinks in mugs! Instead, keep hold of jam and food jars, wash them out and create your very own stylish glasses.

  1. And finally, never share your food!

Keep pests at bay by placing cloves inside a cut lemon. The smell will repel flies and mosquitoes and leave you to enjoy your sausages in peace!

Fly On Top Of Burger

For more ways to impress your guests, check out these seriously cool BBQ gadgets and live up to your BBQ boss name!

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