Frying Pan With Pancake Flipping In Air

eSpares Takes on the Pancake Day Challenge!

Pancake Day crêped up on us fast! So here at eSpares, we decided to put our skills to the test and see how many pancake flips we can do in 60 seconds. Our office and warehouse battled it out to see who was the best flipper!

It was competitive, it was messy, but we managed to raise money for our friends at John Taylor Hospice and the winner bagged a brand new slow cooker! Here are the results:

The Fails…


The Tactics…

Our Winners!

The winner of our offices with a grand total of 100 flips in 60 seconds was Ksenija!



Ksenija wasn’t giving up without a fight! She came back 3 times to claim her victory!




The winner at our warehouse with a total of 78 flips in 60 seconds was our Warehouse Picking Manager, Sam! Here’s what he had to say about gaining such a prestigious title…




Sam is dedicating his win to his son!





Those of us that weren’t brave enough to take on the challenge still donated by having a pancake and a cuppa for £1 each, adding to our donation!

Espares Team Enjoying Pancakes

Espares Team Enjoying Pancakes


So that’s Pancake Day over for another year and you don’t have to witness us tossing around any more pancake puns! For those of us that lost out on the prize, batter luck next time!

Join in the fun and send us some of your pancake masterpieces or disasters!

From all of us at eSpares, have a flippin’ great day!

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