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Could the Cold Weather be Affecting Your Appliances?

As the cold weather strikes this week, it’s not just yourself you need to keep warm, your appliances need some TLC too!

The cold can affect your appliances in many ways. Those that use water to function are particularly at risk when stored in cold environments as ice can form and cause plastic parts to crack. This can cause leaks in your appliances and prevent them from working efficiently.

Here are some of the main appliances to watch out for in the cold weather…

Close Up Of Freezer Full Of Ice

Fridge Freezer

Believe it or not, your fridge freezer can actually get too cold! It needs to be kept in an environment that is above 10˚C or your food may start to defrost. This usually occurs in fridge freezers which have a single thermostat or sensor located in the fridge compartment. The thermostat will shut off if the temperature gets in the region of freezing as the inside of the fridge is already cold enough. If the temperature remains low then the fridge thermostat will not come back on.

So, if your fridge freezer is kept in a garage outside, its best to check if the temperature is suitable or if it has independent thermostats for the fridge and freezer compartments. Or, consider moving your appliance to a warmer environment or not storing frozen food during very cold periods.

Clothes In Washing Machine With Water

Washing Machine

Your washing machine is all about water! Which is why it could be at risk in cold temperatures. Before a cycle, hoses fill the tube with water and drain it out once it’s finished. If your washer is kept in an environment where the temperature drops below -5˚C for a long period of time, you may find the hoses and pipes fill with ice instead of water. This can cause the inlet valve to break and produce leaks.

To ensure your washer doesn’t get too cold, use additional heating such as a greenhouse frost heater to increase the ambient temperature or consider moving it to a warmer room.

Close-up Of Tumble Dryer Control Panel

Condenser Tumble Dryers

Condenser dryers have a reservoir in the base with a pump to deliver water to the tank at the top. If kept in temperatures below -5˚C, the remaining water in the reservoir may freeze and crack the plastic base. This will cause leaks in your dryer and prevent it from working efficiently.

Again, consider ways to use additional heating or store in a warmer environment.

Pressure Washer Cleaning Outdoor Floor.

Pressure Washers

It’s almost time for pressure washers to make an appearance! But has your washer been sitting in your cold garage or shed? Leftover water in the pressure washer pump is likely to freeze and cause leaks, meaning it will no longer produce high pressure. Most people won’t notice this until they go to use it in spring only to realise it’s not working!

Make sure to store your washer in a warmer environment and empty water from it before you store it.

Follow these tips and keep your appliances working come rain or snow! For more tips to survive the cold weather, check out our tips to keep warm and save money during the big freeze.

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