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Top 10 Tools for Your DIY Utility Belt

A real hero has a utility belt full of gadgets to help them fight crime. If you’re going to become the hero of your household by repairing your appliances you’re going to need some tools to help you.

Protect the machines in your home from the evil forces threatening to send them to the scrap heap by stocking your cupboards and tool kits with the following…

Selection Of eSpares Screwdrivers


Well duh, you may say. Most people, even if they don’t DIY, have a few screwdrivers kicking around in a drawer somewhere. However, real DIY heroes will own a comprehensive set of Philips head, flat head and Torx screwdrivers to equip them for any eventuality.

Digital Multimeter With Screen Reading Zero


A multimeter is an essential tool for appliance fixing as it lets you identify the part of your machine that’s faulty. If you’re clueless as to how to use one, see our article explaining how. No prior knowledge needed!

Selection Of Allen Keys

Allen Keys

In addition to screwdrivers, a set of Allen keys in a range of sizes is handy to have. As you can get a decent set for peanuts it’s worth it to avoid the frustration of having a full screwdriver set and still not being able to disassemble your appliance.

Mobile Phone With App Screens

Mobile Phone

There are two reasons why your mobile phone is an invaluable DIY tool.

  1. You can use it to take pictures of how your appliance fits together to help you with reassembly.
  2. You can watch our how-to videos to help you with your fix!

Disclaimer: Please do not use your phone in place of your hammer, pliers, screwdriver or other tools. It won’t end well.

Selection Of Yellow And Black Pliers


Pliers are great because they’re a lot stronger than fingers. Pliers are also dangerous because they’re a lot stronger than fingers. Use them to attach metal clips or loosen tight connections, but always be gentle as applying too much pressure could damage your appliance parts.

Pot Of Clear Nail Polish

Nail Polish

Aha, now we’ve confused you! Nail polish may seem a bit of a curveball for your tool kit, but it’s actually perfect for solving all sorts of conundrums such as how to secure a loose screw or retouch scratched paint.

Torch On White Background


Shine some light on your repair! A torch will help you peer into nooks and crannies like the back of your dishwasher. You could use the torch feature on your aforementioned mobile phone, but it doesn’t matter as much if an actual torch gets dropped, damp or dirty.

Pile Of Rolled Bin Bags

Bin Bags

A large part of looking after your appliances is keeping them clean. From removing excess tumble dryer fluff to cleaning oven shelves to de-dusting (technical term) your vacuum cleaner filter, grab some bags and use them to protect your floors and bin the dirt you remove from your machines.

Two Paintbrushes With Yellow Handles


Combine your tool kit and your painting supplies as paintbrushes are well suited to appliance maintenance too! Remove dust from the coils at the back of your fridge, clean crumbs out of your toaster or for that matter sweep debris out of any hard to reach parts in your appliances.

Vaseline Tin With Lid


Not just for chapped lips! Vaseline’s water-resistant and slippery properties make it a great help for certain appliance jobs like lubricating pressure washer seals or removing a mouldy old washing machine seal to replace it with a brand spanking new one.


Pop Art Hand Heart Sign
Depending on your preference you may like to recruit a sidekick to help you as for some appliance repairs a second pair of hands come in, well, handy. However, if you are the type of hero who works better alone we won’t mess with your mojo.

In the extremely unlikely scenario that you don’t heed our advice and you’re left without tools and with a broken appliance on your hands, the good news in you can get replacement parts and the gadgets you need to fit them in the same place. Just head over to our site! Although you forgot to prepare (because you’re only human), if the comics have taught us anything it’s that once you have the right tools you’ll be well equipped to heroically save the day!

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