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Meet The Faces of eSpares #SocialMediaDay

Happy #SocialMediaDay! Today is June 30th and we decided to join in on the celebrations on this fine Social Media Day. If you are a loyal fan of our social media pages, or you have found yourself with a reply from someone in our team, then you are probably wondering who we all are. And even if you say you aren’t, we know deep down you are interested. So, the wait is over, I introduce to you the eSpares Social Team. *Imagining a big round of applause*. 

Full Name: Eleanor Elizabeth Paice

Nickname(s): El or Lyrical Gangsta (due to the fact she’s the master of the dictionary)

Age: 25 (very soon 26, but we aren’t talking about that, denial and all that)

Job at eSpares: Copywriter and the expert when it comes to all things words! You need anything proofreading or the definition of a word, El’s your gal!

Introduction To El Post (Social Media Day)

Favourite Quote:May you be ordinary… If that is what a skilled, vigilant, flexible, emphasised, enthralled catching of happiness is called.” Philip Larkin

What is something most people don’t know about you? My front teeth are fake as I knocked them out on a cattle grid when I was on holiday when I was younger. *Laughs* That’s a bit morbid, it might gross people out.

The most adult thing you have done: I plumbed in my washing machine. My boyfriend helped for all of 30 seconds, then left it to the woman of the house to fix! I survived the experience and it was a lot easier than expected!

Most embarrassing moment to date (as there are probably way more in the pipeline): I can’t write my general state of being can I? I get told a lot at work I’m a socially awkward person and I tend to spout the jazz hands in a lot of awkward situations (See 1st image above). Who doesn’t love jazz hands?

What 3 words would the team use to describe you? Friendly (hopefully), colour co-ordinated *says on the day when her shoe colour and outfit colour don’t match, which they normally do* & embarrassing.

Full Name: Hamza Ali

Nickname(s): H or Hambo which is what my niece calls me. 

Age: 29

Job at eSpares: All things tech and customer service! If you need to know what spare part will fit your 5-year-old cooker and have no idea where to start, or you want to know some information about your order, Hamza is your guy!

Introduction To Hamza Post (Social Media Day)

Fun fact about yourself: I cracked the back of my head and was glued back together! Ouch, that’s gotta hurt!

Three things on your bucket list: Firstly, visit the Northern Lights. Second, run into a store and ask what year it is. When someone answers, yell “it worked!” and run out cheering. Last, probably visit all seven wonders of the world.  You should probably start planning that as they are quite spread out Hamza!

What did you want to be when you were younger? I wanted to be a footballer, I’m actually just patiently waiting for my call up to the England Squad. You can be our claim to fame when you get your call up! We’ll have your autograph now, please!

Have you ever won anything, if so what did you win? Taking it back to my first memory of winning something, it was probably when I won a huge snowman teddy in primary school. I think I must have been about 8 years old, and well *laughs* I actually still have the teddy to this day! No judgment here Hamza, we now just have images of you snuggling your snowman ted!

If you could eat one meal only for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Nandos! Yes, Hamza! A man after our own hearts! All the chicken!

Full Name: Mariya Plamenova Peynova

Nickname(s): Triple B

Age: 27 years young (or so we tell her)

Job at eSpares: All things social media! She tweets, she hashtags, you name it she does it!

Introduction to Mariya Post (Social Media Day)

Favourite Quote:A prayer for the wild at heart kept in cagesTennesee Williams

Most Embarrassing Moment: So it was my first week on the team. The big boss had just returned from a holiday and in true work style, he was showcasing his fabulous photos. I tend to say awkward things anyway, but this was another level. A photo of him and a child popped up and I proceeded to say, *holds head in hands laughing* “How old is your grandson?”. Well, you all know how this goes. The boy was, in fact, his son and not his grandson! Smooth Mariya, smooth.

What 3 words would the team use to describe you?  A messy, free spirit and probably a chocoholic! *sat eating a chocolate bar* Side note, if you need a favour from Mariya, ply her with chocolate before you ask and then you have her!

Something you love about working at eSpares: So my colleague Kat teaches me an Urban Dictionary word every day. She’s a lot younger than me and way more *air quotes with hands* ‘down with the kids’. I’ve learned FOMO (fear of missing out), YOLO (you only live once) and slayin’ amongst many others.

Talent you are most proud of? I recently learned another move the kids are all doing. I learnt to dab! (See the second photo for a demonstration.) There are so many variations of this hip move and I love it! I’m actually a pro ‘dabber’ now. *The rest of the team overhears and roll their eyes*

And finally, it’s my turn…

Full Name: Katrina O’Connor

Nickname(s): Kat/Kitty/Kathleen

Age: 23 years young and will be forever. I am not a fan of the ageing process.

Job at eSpares: Marketing Assistant, which involves attempting to be funny/helpful when replying to you on Facebook and Twitter and writing blogs etc to keep all of you lovely lot entertained. Also the writer of this blog you are currently reading… hello!

Introduction To Kat Post (Social Media Day)

Favourite Quote: “The comeback is always stronger than the setback” I love motivational quotes, all about them. If you do too, we can be friends.

What are three things still left on your bucket list? Definitely a skydive/bungee jump, visit Australia/New Zealand and probably attempt to run a marathon at some point in my life. Or maybe just half to start off with, I don’t want to get ahead of myself, considering the only marathons I do at the moment are Netflix ones.

Interesting fact about yourself: I actually have two, yeah I am always going above and beyond. My first is I play rugby, and have played for about 5 years now. I love it! The second fact is I failed my first driving test for driving too slowly. Yes, this is a legitimate thing and something most people don’t know until I tell them it’s the reason I failed. 2 attempts later, I finally passed!

What 3 words would the team use to describe you? Sarcastic, (some may say maybe too much but I don’t believe that’s a thing), *air quotes* down with the kids and the riddle master (I like to send out a riddle of the day every morning, just to keep the team’s brains ticking over! I do my part for society.)

Most embarrassing moment: Well I have a whole lot of these, believe me, but I’ll go with my first day working at eSpares. I was slightly nervous and dressed to impress. I parked up, did a cheeky reverse bay park and was ready to take on the world. *Hears rip*. That was the sound of my pencil skirt ripping down the middle… at the front. Yes. *Holding head in hands* I then had to spend the whole day trying to cover it up with my coat.

So there we have it, the social team at eSpares. Now you can put some names to faces! We love talking to all our customers and making you DIYers happy! If you ever need any help, tips, tricks or advice (DIY related, unfortunately, we aren’t qualified agony aunts) then we are here for you, come rain or shine! Talk to us via our Facebook or Twitter pages. 

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