Cordless Vacuum Hoovering Up Croissant Crumbs

5 Desk Vacuums That Will Instantly Improve Your Work Life

Sure, we’ve all got home appliances. But who said you only had to use appliances in your home? Exactly, no one. Enter the wonderful world of appliances for the office, or, to be more specific, desk vacuums.

Face it; if you snack at your desk your work area is probably rife with crumbs. You only have to turn your keyboard upside down and give it a couple of taps to prove us right. Even if you have willpower of steel and never snack between meals, office desks tend to gather dust at a speed that has to be seen to be believed. Long story short, you need a desk vacuum and with that settled these are the best ones we’ve come across.

Henry Hoover On Office Desk

Mini Henry Hoover

Henry vacuum cleaners with their friendly smiling faces are probably the most iconic in the world. Henry has been around an impressive 36 years (since 1981) and has spawned a whole host of spin-offs from Hetty (the pink one) to George (the green one). The reliability of Henry vacs is tried and tested by the fact they’re still popular. We don’t see any reason why their miniature counterparts would be any different.

R2D2 Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

R2D2 Vacuum

For you sci-fi fans out there a desk vacuum that looks like an actual vacuum is just not good enough. You need something a bit more interesting and quirky to earn a place on your desk. Enter the R2D2 desk vacuum to fill that void. He might have come from a galaxy far far away, but with a handy USB charging point, he’s well equipped to get rid of the crumbs left by your Galaxy chocolate bar. We can safely say he’s our new favourite kind of robot vacuum cleaner.

Karcher Window Vac Cleaning Kitchen Surfaces

Karcher Window Vac

Overturned cup of coffee about to seep into your stack of quarterly reports? Disaster! Unless you’ve got a Karcher window vac that is. This handy desk accessory lets you quickly suck up liquid spills and save your keyboard and mouse from flooding. A window vac in the office can also be used for its intended purpose and clean the windows. Let more natural light into the workspace and people will be happier, more creative and even more productive. What’s not to like?

Worlds Smallest Vacuum Cleaner

World’s Smallest Vacuum

We’re not sure of the extent of the measurements this vacuum has undergone to earn this tiny title. Luckily size really doesn’t matter; it’s how you use it that counts! We’d use the so-called smallest vacuum in the world to suck up all of the crumbs from the birthday cakes Pav from marketing brought in that we weren’t going to indulge in because we’re trying to be good, but then ate anyway. True story.

Black And Decker Cordless Vacuum

Powerful Cordless Vac

For Chief Executive Officers, politicians and other megalomaniacs a measly USB powered vacuum may not have the power they crave. In these cases, we recommend a cordless vacuum that can be conveniently recharged and can give up to an hour of cleaning power. But who are we kidding; those types of people don’t clean their own offices…

If coming to the end of this article has left a vacuum in your heart and you’re yearning for more vacuum tips, learn how a window vac can be a godsend around your house for more than just cleaning windows as well as just how versatile a cordless vacuum cleaner can be!


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