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How Do the eSpares Team Actually Feel About Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is a bit like Marmite. Stay with us. We’re saying it divides opinion. Some people relish the excuse to spend time with the love of their life. Others prefer to curl up under their duvets and ignore all that mushy nonsense. The eSpares team is similarly conflicted on matters such as cheesy pick-up lines and Valentine’s Day proposals.

Heart On Wooden Plank

Love Is In 40% of the Air

First things first, who should celebrate the day in question?

  • Everyone
  • No one
  • Or only the most loved up couples?

Opinions were divided with 20% of our team reserving Valentine’s Day for couples, 40% proclaiming that love is universal and the remaining 40% not feeling the love and condemning the day as commercial and cringey.

Pug Wearing Heart Onesie

Puppy Love

Is the love of your life actually your furry friend? Not to judge, but 80% of the team thought that buying your pet a Valentine’s present was super weird!

Bunch Of Red Roses

Perfect Presents

When it comes to gifts that express the feelings of the heart, cologne was the most popular choice for males, whereas for ladies nothing said romance like flowers.

Couple Enjoying a Candlelit Dinner

Molto Bene!

An intimate Italian restaurant with a romantic lit candle on the table beats spicy Indian food and even French gastronomy hands down for the best date.

Couple Looking At The Sunset Holding Hands

Pick Up or Put Down?

Cheesy chat up lines had the whole office groaning. The line voted the worst really was awful. “Can you hold my hand? I want to feel what it’s like to be touched by an angel”. Pass the sick bucket.

Heart Shaped Pepperoni Pizza

Espresso Yourself

Valentine’s puns, on the other hand, were winners. “You’ve stolen a pizza my heart” was the favourite. (With that and the Italian restaurant choice we’re clearly a team of pizza lovers, but then who isn’t?)

Diamond Ring In Heart Shaped Box

I Don’t…

Bad news if you’re planning to pop the big question on the 14th of Feb. 60% of the team think that Valentine’s proposals are actually quite tacky. Put that ring back in your pocket, quick!

How do our views compare with yours? Let us know if you’re yay or nay on the subject of Valentine’s Day, either in the comments below or on our Facebook page where the debate rages on…

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