How to Pick Your Ideal Garden Vac

Having spent the spring and summer months working on your garden to create your own little slice of paradise, why let your garden suffer during autumn and winter by leaving fallen leaves to clutter your flowerbeds?

At eSpares, we’re of the school of thought that work in the garden never ends, which is why we supply a range of spare parts and accessories for gardening appliances to help you keep your garden looking perfect.

But we don’t just sell spares and accessories; we also like to share advice, guidance, and knowledge helping you to find the perfect garden appliances, such as garden vacuums, for your needs and requirements!

When it comes to picking the perfect garden vacuum for your needs and requirements, it isn’t as simple as going to the store and picking one off the shelf; well it could be, but if you want to make sure that you’re getting the right garden vacuum, a few things should be taken into consideration, including:


Before you can consider what type of garden vacuum is best for your requirements, you’ll need to consider what you can comfortably spend, and then stick within your budget. Whilst the budget you’ve set yourself will limit the models available to you (if you’ve gone for a low budget), there are still a number of good garden vacuums available, although a smaller budget could prevent you from being able to opt for a garden vacuum and blower two-in-one combo.

Garden Size:

With your budget set, the next thing to consider is your garden size. If you’ve got a small garden, then you’d be recommended to opt for an electric garden vacuum, although you should always check the length of cable to ensure that you’ll be able to reach every corner of your garden.

For those with a larger garden, a petrol vacuum could be a better option as you won’t be hindered by the power cable, enabling you to work your way around your garden, although the weight difference (petrol vacs are often heavier) could hinder your choice.

Weight / Power:

As mentioned briefly above, a petrol garden vacuum is going to be heavier than an electric one, so if you’re looking to add a petrol vacuum to your gardening toolkit you’ll need to consider the weight and power that you can handle – even more so if you have a large garden, as it is pointless selecting a model which you can only comfortably handle for half of your garden.

Each make and model will vary in both weight and power; which is why at eSpares we recommend, where possible, trying the weight of a few when you go to purchase yours so that you can be sure that you’ll be comfortable using it on those cold November afternoons.

Electric or Petrol:

So far you should have settled on your budget and know what you’re comfortable handling, so you now need to consider whether you’re after an electric or petrol model you’re going for. Whilst the choice may have been made for you depending on the size of your garden, if either would be applicable, you’ll need to take into account the pros and cons of each – and because we care and want your garden to look good all year round, we’ve provided a snippet of the main pros and cons of both.

Electric – Pros:

  • Lighter than their petrol counterparts
  • Quieter than their petrol counterparts
  • Cheaper – making them ideal for those on a smaller budget

Petrol –Pros:

  • Greater Power
  • No cable restraints – making them perfect for larger gardens

Electric – Cons:

  • Less Powerful
  • Constricted by Cables

Petrol – Cons:

  • Noisier
  • Heavier
  • Starting the vac can be temperamental on those cold days

Along with deciding whether you’d like a petrol or electric garden vacuum, you’ll also need to consider whether you’re after just a garden vacuum, a garden blower, or a two-in-one. At eSpares, we’d recommend the latter, as there can be occasions when the wet leaves clog up the vacuum, making the task of clearing them a longer process – whereas if you have a blower function too, you’ll be able to blow them into a pile, before manually picking them up.

With your ideal garden vacuum found and purchased, you can begin cleaning your garden of any winter debris, such as fallen leaves, helping to ensure that come next spring your plants are able to bloom and provide a sea of colour – and as an added bonus, to help keep your garden vacuums running for longer, at eSpares we have a range of spare parts and accessories!

Happy Gardening!

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