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3 Garden Appliances You’ll Need This Autumn / Winter

Gardening, you either love it or you hate it. Either way, gardening is an around the year job, from tending to your flowerbeds during the spring months to provide your bulbs with the best chance of blooming; through to de-weeding during the summer. Throughout autumn and winter, work within the garden doesn’t stop, and to help you stay on top of your garden during the final months of this year we’ve compiled a list of three of the essential garden appliances you should have ready for action in your shed.

Hedge Cutter:

Ideally, hedge cutting should be carried out on an annual basis to ensure that they are kept neat and tidy. However often you cut the hedge each year will depend on a number of factors, including the weather (as this can boost growth), the type of hedge and the aesthetics you’re looking for.

Whenever you’re cutting your hedge, it’s important to make sure that you have the right tools for the job. Don’t do what I saw a neighbour doing on the first day of autumn and cut the hedge in the dark, in the evening using a lawnmower. Whilst it may seem a good idea at the time due to covering a wider surface meaning the job will get done quicker, in the long run, it’ll be a terrible decision.

Forgetting about the health and safety risks, using a lawnmower to cut the hedge is likely to leave the hedge with an uneven (and ultimately untidy finish). Not to mention you’re likely to cause damage to the lawnmower with the thicker branches from the hedge damaging the blade and rendering the mower useless for cutting the lawn.

There is a range of hedge trimmers available, whatever your requirements, needs, and budget. However, selecting the right cutter for your hedges is only part of the job in ensuring a neat, clean cut. It’s also important (as with all appliances) to ensure that the hedge cutter is well maintained, and one such maintenance task is to ensure that the teeth remain sharp – enabling them to cut through branches without debris getting caught.


As the autumn and winter months merge, and the deadheading and pruning within your garden continues, including cutting down stray branches within your garden (whether they’re from your own trees or a neighbours tree which have encroached your boundary), you’ll begin to notice a build-up of garden debris.

One of the best gardening appliances to remove such garden debris is a garden shredder, which will transform any branches and shrubbery you may cut down into mulch, which can then be used around the garden, to prevent the growth of new weeds in areas which have already been de-weeded.

When choosing the right shredder for your garden there are two main options, an impact shredder, and a roller shredder. The first cuts the branches and garden debris between a series of blades that are quick and chip the waste into suitable mulch.

A roller shredder, on the other hand, crushes and chews the branches rather than chips them, leaving larger mulch. Due to the final product being bigger, blockages can often occur.

Whichever make and made of shredder you have, at eSpares we’ll have the perfect spare parts to help keep your shredder in full working order, providing your garden with much-needed mulch whenever it’s required.

Garden Vacuum:

During the spring and summer your garden is alive with bursts of colour in various little pockets; come winter however as the flowers fade away, the colour in your garden changes from vibrant blues, reds, and pinks, to golden brown, yellow and orange as the tree leaves cover the lawn and flowerbeds.

Cleaning the leaves up manually will not only be extremely time-consuming (and in some cases seem never-ending as the leaves continue to fall) and in also back-breaking as you continuously bend down to collect the leaves.

A solution is to utilise the power of a garden vacuum blower combo, which will not only make the cleaning of leaves a breeze, but the blowing function will also enable you to remove leaves and other garden debris from those tight corners within your garden, enabling you to vacuum them up ensuring that your garden remains neat and tidy.

So as you put your lawnmower and trimmer away for the rest of the year (after giving them a once over of course to ensure they’re ready for action come spring), make sure that you have the three garden appliances mentioned above ready and waiting for action.

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