10 DIY Lessons We’ve Learnt From Our Customers

It’s fair to say we know a bit about DIY, especially when it comes to fixing appliances.  But of course there’s always more to learn. It’s usually us teaching our customers how to repair their faulty fridges, ovens and so on, but this week it’s the other way round!

We recently ran a giveaway on our Facebook page, asking people to tag their handyman for the chance to win their DIY guru a cordless drill. We got back so many amazing tales of DIY victories we felt we just couldn’t keep them to ourselves. Our customers are a wise and wonderful bunch so we’ve put together ten of the lessons they shared with us.

1. DIY can make the world a better place

This heart warming story, shared by Anne Khan, shows that DIY can improve lives as well as households!

I’ve tagged a friend, Baron Terry Marshall… He’s in the process of building a mobile hot dog and soup kitchen for homeless out of donated and skip found materials in his own time… He is unemployed due to ill health but always thinks of others before himself… I would like to see him win, not only would it mean a lot to him but this drill would not only make his work easier but be a lot easier on his own health.

2. You’re never too old to DIY

You’re only as old as you feel as Jason Bunn’s dad demonstrates.

My father Eddie Bunn completely renovated our 1850 house at the age of 75 and still odd jobbing for free for neighbours. My legend.

3. You’re never too young either!

We loved hearing about Gary Riddle’s son, who is most certainly a future DIY expert in the making.

My boy Jake Nicholls who helps me with EVERY diy job in the house. Couldn’t do without him. From building flatpack to helping change the belt and felt on the tumble he is the best handyman you could have and he’s still only 15 🙂

4. A good DIYer doesn’t need experience – just a can-do attitude

One sure fire way to improve your DIY skills is to learn by doing as Joanne Evans shares.

My handy man is Heath Walford who in his holiday hung 5 doors without prior skills of door hanging and had to alter door fittings too…..has always done loads of DIY jobs and has a drill that quite frankly is probably powered by steam it’s that old.

5. DIY jobs can come up unexpectedly…

It seems like Jessica Smedley’s handyman never knows when the next job is around the corner!

Liam Bytheway because he assembles everything that I randomly order off the internet. Decking, pergola and a shed so far this year to name a few. I swear he is getting a phobia of delivery vans thinking “what’s she ordered now?”

6. Heros don’t have capes, they have toolkits!

Step aside Superman, Samantha Louise Bristow’s dad is the one truly worthy of hero status.

My dad Martin Bristow fitted an outdoor tap in my garden 2 weeks ago so the children could have a paddling pool in the summer! He’s our diy hero!

7. DIY skills are a very useful commodity

Want to learn a new skill? According to Andrew Petrie some DIY ability is all you need to trade in return.

Allan Connor fixed my washing machine so I gave him free fishing lessons.

8. Handiness runs in the family

Julie Kearney is spoilt for choice when it comes to handymen, both her son and her other half are a dab hand at DIY.

Sam Kearney, my son, he’s DIY with his dad since he could walk and is really handy now!

9. The term handyman isn’t quite on the money

As Jasmine Baillie declares, who needs a handyman when you have a handywoman!

Sharon Dick my mum has done all the odd jobs for herself and nearly all our family! She is the go to as even though she may look small and skinny she is stronger than most men and beats all the men in our family at DIY (need a room painted/ hut roof sorted/ furniture built/ curtain pole put up/ blinds fitted and everything else ). Also if she doesn’t know how to do something give her a few minutes and she will work it out as she can put her hand to anything. Also don’t think all us in family give her enough appreciation as we are just used to being like *oh no such and such has went wrong or I need this done* so we go to my mum straight away and she never says no, even if she has been busy working her bottom off and is completely shattered she will still find time & energy to help.

Who needs a handyman when you have a handywoman who can do everything a handyman can and much much more.

10. A vital part of any DIY task is a good old fashioned English cuppa

Colin Beesley knows there’s only one fuel that will do the job for us English DIYers.

Esther Beesley usually takes on the most important job in any DIY situation – she makes a cracking brew!!


Finally the winner of our competition, Rachael Chorlton Lewis, who won a drill for her brother Paul Edwards, shares a tale of sisterly gratitude!

Paul Edwards my big brother. Always helped me with DIY and things I needed when I went to uni and moved several times. Hope to win to pay some kindness back! Great big brother. All round top bloke. I bet his wife Gemma Edwards would be happy with him having a new drill too. Just think of all the jobs he could do Gemma. Get the list ready! 🙂

Congratulations Rachael and Paul, we hope that drill gets put to good use!

Thank you to all of our customers who shared their stories. Reading them made our day and we hope all goes well with your amazing DIY projects! If you’re in need of some tools to help you with your household repairs or appliance fixes we’ve got you covered over on our site.

As a picture is worth a thousand words (or so the saying goes), we’ll leave you with some of the wonderful images shared by our DIY savvy customers.

Dog Holding Ladder For Owner

Teddy helping hold the ladder

Father And Son Laying Tiles

Like father like son

Grandmother And Grandaughter Performing DIY

A grandmother/grandaughter team

Woman With Electric Power Tool

Self proclaimed handy woman with a power tool!



Man With Dog On Decking

Building decking is thirsty work

Tree With Carved Face

Facing garden DIY head on



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