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3 Ways to Treat Your Fridge on “Clean Out Your Fridge Day”

Today is “Clean Out Your Fridge Day” and although the day seems to have lost some traction over recent years, with roughly six weeks until Christmas, now is the perfect time to give your fridge a once over.

As part of giving your fridge a once over, you should make sure you do the following.


Cleaning your fridge will not only remove spills and stains but also unpleasant odours. The first step to cleaning your fridge is to throw away any food which:

  • Has passed its best before date
  • Is open, but you know you’re not going to use again

Once you’ve thrown such food away, empty your fridge of everything that is left. Make sure you wipe down jars, bottles, etc with a damp cloth, before placing them on your worktop.

With your fridge empty of food, remove all shelves, vegetable drawers, and trays within the door. Each of these items should then be individually cleaned using a specialist fridge cleaner and a damp cloth.

Finally, turn your attention to the main body of the fridge. In doing so, give the inside walls, roof, and bottom of your fridge a thorough wash, before cleaning the outside of your fridge. During the cleaning of the outside of your fridge, you should also run the vacuum over the coils at the back to remove any dust which may have collated.


During the cleaning of your fridge, you may have noticed that a vegetable drawer has a crack in it, a shelf has split making it no longer viable to use, or the bulb is no longer working. Whilst it is possible to continue to use your fridge with such faults, there’s no reason why you should tolerate them – especially when they can be easily, quickly and cheaply repaired.

Our advice centre is full of articles and tips on how to repair a variety of faults which can occur with fridges. We also supply all the parts and accessories you’ll need to repair any faults you may come across.

Rotate and Refresh:

With the fridge clean and any mouldy food disposed of, your fridge should now be sparkling and any unpleasant odours should be a distant memory too.

But to keep your fridge clean and free from unpleasant odours, there are a few final steps which you should take, including:

  • When placing food into your fridge always rotate the older food to the front. This will prevent old food from going off, which can increase bacteria and unpleasant odours.
  • Keep food wrapped.
  • Help keep odours at bay by placing a fridge deodoriser within it. These last for up to three months and will help to prevent unpleasant odours from filling your fridge.

Keep your vegetables fresher for longer by placing an anti-mould mat into the vegetable drawer. The mat has been designed to aid the circulation of air within the drawer, helping increase the life of fresh produce.

Using “Clean Out Your Fridge Day” to its full advantage will help you to prolong the life of your appliance, at the same time as making the most out of the space offered within your fridge.

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    If you have a large family and your fridge is full of food, it might be a good idea to start keeping a list of all the items. In actuality, you could start keeping two lists on the fridge door. First, you could assign a fridge-cleaning turn for each family member old enough to do so. This will guarantee everyone does their part and ensures it always gets done on time.
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