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How to Bleed a Radiator

This is a fairly easy, step by step instruction guide to bleed a radiator. If your home doesn’t seem to be heating as well as it should be you might want to bleed the radiators in your home to fix this. Also, if you notice that your radiators are cold at the top and warm at the bottom you need to “bleed” them to get rid of the trapped air that’s causing the cold spots.

This should be done once a year to keep your central heating in tip-top condition. If you find that your radiators need “bleeding” more than once a year you should have them looked at by a professional.

You will need: a radiator key, a cloth

Step 1– Open the radiator valves

Make sure all the valves are open fully in your radiators, including those on any heated towel racks and run your central heating for 10 minutes. Turn of the system.

If your radiators are cooler in one area of the house, they aren’t properly balanced and in effect, the ones that are closer to the boiler are using most of the hot water. If this is the case you will need to call a professional to fix it.

Step 2– Release the air

Put the radiator key into the valve and turn it anti-clockwise. Make sure you’ve got a cloth with you to catch any drips or moisture. There should be a hissing sound as the air escapes from the radiator. As soon as the water begins to drip out, close the valve and wipe any excess water away.

Step 3– Check all other radiators in the home by repeating this process. Turn the heating on and check that there are no dripping valves. Tighten where necessary.

Easy, peasy done!

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