So Long Jacques!!

Today Jacques, our email campaign coordinator, is enjoying his last ever few hours working at eSpares as he has accepted a new role in a galaxy far, far away. He will be missed by some and we wish him all the best.

I’ve worked with Jacques for just over a year and have enjoyed none of it. Nah, that’s a lie- I’ve enjoyed a small majority of it- whilst the rest of the time I’d categorise as bearable. As per usual, Jacques’s presence has been requested at a quick Q & A session before his departure, with the text in italics being some witty commentary by yours truly. So without further adieu…

Name: Jacques Max Guillaachrist Corby-Tuech. Guillaachrist is misspelled because his French Dad didn’t know how to spell it on the papers, and he’d probably had a few celebratory drinks

Date of birth: (Why have we asked this? No reason) 18/06/88. What a great date.

Favourite restaurant/ pub? Wagamama, except for the part where you have to knock elbows with strangers. And eat the average-at-best food.

What’s your favourite food? Steak, as rare as possible. As rare as they can only properly do in France.

Who’s your favourite colleague? Clarke Who?

Who’s the funniest colleague? Clarke Who?

Who’s the funniest looking colleague? Caitlin Clever.

Do you ever wear your rucksack on the front to help protect against pickpockets? No, I’m not a tourist. Final answer? Just bring up CCTV…

What’s your favourite colour? #318CE7 Geek to English translation tells me this is some shade of blue.

Do you feel like an idiot that your wallet and mobile were stolen virtually from under your nose? Yep. But I’m insured, so s’all good. That’s good- plus story offers great ice breaker when out at your local Wetherspoons.

Is it possible for a swallow to carry a coconut? Probably, what size swallow and/or coconut are we talking about? Forget it.

Luke Skywalker or Hans Solo? Darth Vader. Oooooooookay……….

Darth Vader or Obi One? Darth Vader. Right that works now.

Alps or beach? Alps. I swear this has to be a trick question. Do you want it to be a trick question?

Being French born and living in England do you inherently harbor strong feelings of anger/ resentment towards all things British? No, I feel like I probably should, but I’m practicing my French nonchalance. Goodluck.

How long did it take you to get to work this morning? This morning? Erm, left home at 7:20, got to work at 8:06, so 46 mins. Most of which is spent waiting around like a chump at Willesden Junction, which is pretty much the windiest station in London. That’s too bad and especially considering it’s not even that cold yet. Roll on winter.

Have you ever written a post in ‘Rush Hour Crush’ about girls you see on your commute? Na, too busy looking at my phone to creep on strangers on my way to/from work. Yeah too obvious…..creeping on strangers on phone via Facebook is less conspicuous.

Do you have a favourite seat on the train? Corner seats are the best. Sure.

But in all seriousness, thanks from all of us at eSpares for the work you’ve done Jacques. Good luck with everything. It’s been totes real.


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  1. Blap

    on November 2, 2012 at 5:42 pm - Reply

    you can’t be “more inconspicuous”. it should be “less conspicuous”. Blap!

  2. Caitlin Mckim

    on January 3, 2013 at 11:01 am - Reply

    D’oh!! Better late than never I suppose. Thanks for that!!! Amended above 🙂

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