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Winterise Your Home to Protect from Pests

As the cooler months head our way it’s important to make sure your home is ready and prepared to deal with the changing climate. Most importantly you’ll also want to keep your home protected from pesky pests that understandably will be looking to set up shop in the warmth of your abode. Take the necessary steps to disallow pests and other vermin from making your home theirs.

Seal Openings

  • A straight forward and no-brainer step. Have a look around your home’s exterior and make sure any openings are sealed. Not only will this keep pests out but it will also help to keep warmth in.
  • Check seals around windows, door frames or any other openings. Replace or add foam stripping to any openings or caulk where possible. If the seals are already caulked, look to put a fresh batch on.
  • If you do have any screens make sure they’re intact and free of any tears or gaps that could allow insects and the like inside. Fully remove screens and replace them with properly sealed windows where possible.
  • Look at basement windows and inspect for any cracks in the concrete. Fill these where possible.
  • Check for cracks and gaps around the foundation of your home. Seal any cracks with concrete or caulking. Steel wool can also be stuffed into any larger holes to discourage pests.
  • Make sure the eaves and fascia of your house. Damp and/ or rotting wood is ideal for insects and pests. Replace as necessary.
  • Check attic vents and ensure all seals are tight and without gaps.

Remove Potential Habitat

  • Have a look around the outside of your home. Creepy crawlies and other pests look for areas that offer moisture, shelter, and food so eliminate these potential dwellings.
  • Really thoroughly clean any gutters or drainpipes and downspouts. Larger debris can be removed by hand. A hosepipe ( or even better a pressure washer ) can then be used to further blast away stuck-on debris.
  • Remove any debris that’s resting near the house such as rocks, compost, wood or bricks. If you store firewood, keep it as far away from the house as possible.
  • Keep rubbish bins as far away from the house as possible and the lids tightly closed.
  • Trim trees, hedges and shrubs back from the walls of your house so they’re not touching or over-hanging above gutters and eaves.
  • Replace exterior lights with yellow or sodium vapour lights which detract insects.



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