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Marketing Week has published an interesting article about the lengths manufacturers such as Servis, Beko and LG are going to, to create appliances that consumers not only need but more importantly want and desire.

Some other manufacturers have also followed suit in creating top of the line, sexy appliances. We might be in some tough times but tell that to the Grand Cuisine designers at Electrolux. This top of the line range has taken ‘professional cooking techniques and tools and re-imagined them for the discerning home chef’. The appliances truly are la crème de la crème and offer aspirations of being able to cook like Ramsey or Heston in your very own home for around a cool £65,000. That price also includes your very own personal chef who will come round and help teach you about how to use your new toys- not such a bad deal now uh?

Some of the key pieces in the Grand Cuisine range include a Combination Oven and Blast Chiller, which allow consumers to prepare hot dishes well ahead of time, freeze in minutes and then reheat for the perfect result. All of the appliances boast state of the art electronics with touch screens, pre-set programmes and intelligent sensors which help aspiring cooks become pros in their own homes.

The Don of the range, however, has to be the bespoke French-inspired Molteni stove. No two of these custom, made-to-order range cookers are the same and are still produced in the original factory in Saint-Uze, France. Features include bain-marie, hot cupboard, fryer, grill top, fry top, hot surface, induction, gas burner, and gas or electric static oven. If you want to stick to true French style cooking then yours will be complete with a thick cast iron plate that graduates in temperature from cool to hot across its span. Prepare to swoon. This truly is one sexy piece of cooking kit.

You can find out more about the mentioned products here.

Electrolux, Samsung et al. have officially graduated from the world of producing appliances we need to appliances we WANT. I have a fully operational fridge and cooker that I was happy with until I saw these. Now I can’t think about anything else. Apple is meant to launch the iPad mini tonight- so what?!? I want a black fridge with a blue LED light.

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