A Fruitful Office Campaign

Fruitful Office

We are a fruitful office at eSpares. Yes, fruitful. At the beginning of each week, a delectable basket of fresh fruit is delivered for all employees to share and enjoy. With each basket purchase, Fruitful Office donates to the planting of one fruit tree in Africa by supporting the planting of fruit trees in Africa campaign.

It’s a pretty sound little campaign and were happy to be helping to such a great cause. Not to mention we also get delicious, healthy snacks which make us all the more prepared, energised and excited about hinges, shelves, drawers, door seals and the like!

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  1. cheshireofficeinteriors

    on January 8, 2013 at 5:09 pm - Reply

    Now I get what you meant by fruitful office. It is a great scheme and for a good cause as well I really hope that you continue to do this each and every week.

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