How To Solve Your Dog Hair Problems

Dog Problems

Yesterday we had pressure washers on elephants. Today, we have Dysons on dogs.

Let me explain. Any dog owner will tell you what a neverending battle it is to keep carpets, clothes and basically every single nook in the whole house free of discarded dog hair. For this reason, vacuum cleaners in houses occupied by canines really are important bits of kit.

There’s plenty of models which are specifically marketed and sold to beleaguered pet owners. Here’s one of Miele’s. Bissell do them too.

There’s also a number of accessories to help with the problem. Some are manual, handheld brushes, others are attachments that fit on the wands of Henry-style vacuums, like this pet hair vacuum tool.

However Dyson, trailblazers as they are, have taken things a step further. They’ve acknowledged the problem, seen what is on offer, and raised everybody. They’ve created the Dyson Groom.

This ingenious tool combines the ease of use of the handheld brush with the efficiency of the vacuum – if it works as well as the demos purport, then I’d say it’d be a worthy addition to the home of dog lovers everywhere.

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