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No Spares Equals Brand Damage

Manufacturers who fail to provide appliance spare parts can be causing untold damage to their reputation. Although manufacturers are not obliged to support their products with spare parts beyond the initial warranty period, not doing so can leave customers feeling abandoned and likely to avoid that brand in the future.

This fact was brought home to me recently. I own a very impressive Breville blender/smoothie maker. It’s only about 4 or 5 years old and it’s a very good quality appliance – I’d give it 5 stars for both looks and performance. So far so good. However, the other day, I cracked the glass jug whilst washing it; entirely my own fault. But working for a spare parts company, as I do, I wasn’t in the least bit fazed. “I’ll easily be able to get hold of a replacement jug”, I thought. Oh, how wrong I was. After hours of fruitless searching the only thing I had been able to confirm was that there are quite a lot of other owners of the same blender searching for a replacement jug.

I contacted Breville directly and they confirmed that parts are no longer available for my blender. I’ve therefore had to send an otherwise perfectly working electrical appliance to the community recycling centre. All for the want of a glass jug, which is obviously the one part which is most likely to get broken on this sort of appliance. Aside from the expense of having to buy a new blender rather than just a replacement jug, this is a huge shame from an environmental perspective. The energy that will have to go into recycling the old blender and manufacturing a new one is all unnecessary.

The reputational damage here is pretty obvious. I’m now looking for a new blender and will be avoiding one brand in particular.

A range of blender spares is available at eSpares (just not the jug I need).

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  1. Dan

    on August 4, 2010 at 1:32 pm - Reply

    “Hours of fruitless searching” – arf

  2. zaneta

    on September 19, 2010 at 8:40 pm - Reply

    I own this model of blender Breville BL10, unfortunatelly I have a problem with knife unit and interface. After reading your article there is no hope for me that I will find a replacement part. If possible I will be interested to receive a middle part of your liquidaiser or I can sell a jug to you.Just let me know.I live in the UK – London SW15.

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