How to replace oven door hinges – new video

Integrated kitchen appliances will make any kitchen look stylish, modern and crisp. But what do you do if one of the appliances that your kitchen has been meticulously built around breaks? It’s understandable that you may be concerned that you’ll have to redo your whole kitchen just because ovens are no longer made to the same dimensions of your broken integrated one. Before you get too worried make a note of the brand, model number and serial number* of your appliance and check the eSpares website to find the spares you need to fix your integrated appliance.

In this video we fix Helen’s integrated oven; all it required was £16.98 worth of Smeg spares and about 25 minutes of Mike’s time to fit two new hinges.

*If you’re not sure where to find the model and serial number of your kitchen appliance make sure to visit our guide: Finding Appliance Model Numbers.

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