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How to Fix a Karcher Pressure Washer

This winter in the UK was particularly harsh for freezing temperatures. If water was left in your pressure washer it may have frozen, expanded, and damaged your machine. If this is the case you’ll need some Karcher pressure washer spares.

It might be completely obvious to visually assess what part needs to be replaced based on where the leak is coming from. However you may also need to take the pressure washer apart and looking for the expired piece. If you’ve located the broken part but you’re not sure what it’s called please get in touch with our Customer Services. We’ve got ‘exploded’ diagrams of all Karcher pressure washers and we can email you a copy of your model. Remember that if you’re repairing your Karcher pressure washer you’ll need a torx head screwdriver.

In order to make sure you get the right spares for your machine make sure that you have your model number to hand. This quick video will show you where to find all the relevant information on your pressure washer.

For fitting help we’ve got video tutorials against all of our most popular Karcher spare parts. I’d also recommend that you read the reviews against the part you wish to buy as our customers are great at sharing their own fitting experience.

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  1. michael

    on April 14, 2017 at 8:48 am - Reply

    how do you open a karcher model 440 I cannot see any screws top or bottom and the water is leaking from the bottom of the machine



    • mariya

      on April 21, 2017 at 1:49 pm - Reply

      Hi Michael,

      Unfortunately, the details provided are insufficient to answer your query. Please watch this video: to fully identify your model and enable us to answer your query as we cannot confirm the model number given.

      Kind regards,
      Hamza @ eSpares

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