Is your Henry vacuum losing suction – new videos

It is frustrating when your trusty vacuum cleaner just doesn’t clean as well as it used to. Nobody wants to have a vacuum cleaner that only does a half-hearted job. The good news is that when your vacuum cleaner loses suction in most instances it’s quite easy to fix yourself. Here’s our text guide to fixing your vacuum cleaner.

Henry vacuums are durable and made to last. If yours is experiencing a loss of suction, you don’t need a new vacuum, you probably just need to show your existing one a bit of tender care. Here are a few quick new videos that might help you out:

How to replace a hose on a Henry vacuum cleaner – The concept of this video is simple but a lot of people don’t realise that if you have a hole in your hose, no matter how small it is, it’s impacting suction. The hose on most Henrys get a lot of wear and tear as they are often used to pull the body of the machine around.

How to replace the bag in your Henry vacuum – Did you know that you should replace the bag in your vacuum cleaner when it’s between half and three-quarters full? The reason for this is that the vacuum sucks air through the bag, and if the bag is full of compacted debris the airflow will be impacted. Not only will you be losing suction in this instance but you’ll also be putting unnecessary strain on the motor, which is working harder. This is also why you should make sure that your vacuum filters are properly maintained.

How to change the Henry floor tool – A cracked cleaning tool will also cause you to lose suction when you’re cleaning. We shot this video in response to a customer comment that we had asking how to remove the old one. You’ll see from the video that removing the old head requires no trickery, but it does require a fair bit of muscle.

All the Henry spares featured in these videos are available on our website.

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