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Since launching our product reviews functionality in November 2008 we’ve had 22,951 reviews left on our website. Every day it’s my job to read all the new reviews on our site to see what our customers are saying about us. We’ve learnt a lot from our customers through the reviews they leave; they’ve told us what we can be doing better and which help videos we should shoot next. We’ve made changes to our business based on the feedback we’ve gotten, it’s been truly invaluable.

Being a self-proclaimed frugal person myself, my favourite reviews are the ones where our customers cite how much money they’ve saved by resorting to spare parts and a bit of elbow grease. Here are some recent examples:

Fridge Thermostat
“I wish I had bought this 6 month ago, it was so easy to fit (20 mins) I previously paid someone £50 to fit one – never again!!”
Anonymous, Malton Yorkshire, 20.03.2010

Washing Machine Carbon Brushes
“Unfortunately they arrived to late, my fault not espares. But after watching the Engineer fit a set of Brushes and he charged me £55 for 10mins work. Next time I’ll know exactly what to do and I’ve got a spare set of brushes all ready and waiting.”
Anonymous, Plymouth, 15.03.2010

Fan Oven Element
“When my oven element blew, the first thing i did was call the manufacturer. Their quote: £90 call out plus £70 – £120 for the part! So when I saw this on espares for the price I had to give it ago. The most complicated electronics I have ever done is fitting a plug but after watching the tutorial video just once I went for it. Job done in under 20 mins.”
Fastestfinger, Nuneaton, 25.02.2010

By far, my favourite review that cites how to save money by using spare parts is one of the first that we received. I love the ingenuity of picking up a free (broken) washing machine on freecycle and giving it a new lease on life. It’s pretty neat to get a whole new washing machine simply for the cost of a pair of carbon brushes.

Washing Machine Carbon Brushes
“Excellent value and reasonably easy to fit. I fitted these to a 3 or 4 year-old Bosch washing machine that someone had actually replaced and was going to throw away! The machine was advertised on freecycle (Google it) and I’ve ended up with an excellent machine having spent only a few quid on parts. A bargain.”
Mark K, Ipswich,23.10.2008

So remember, if your appliance breaks, have a look around and see if you can fix it yourself. We have a considerable wealth of ‘fix it yourself’ videos and advice in our online support centre. It goes without saying that we also supply all the spare parts you could ever want to repair your appliances. If you do buy your appliance spares from eSpares please make sure to leave a review once you’ve fit it. We’d love to hear your story.

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