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Woman With Watering Hose

How Often Should You Water Your Plants?

Some people are born gardeners, some people have gardening thrust upon them. If you’ve moved into a place with a garden, or you’ve inherited a houseplant, congratulations! You now have a living thing to love and care for. Scary thought, we know! So naturally, the first question is, how often should you water your plant to keep it alive?

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Watering Can Waters Flowers

Garden Watering Goodies

If your garden is as important to you as spares are to us, then do I have something to get you as excited as a mouse in a cheese shop – garden watering tips! Garden watering tips galore!

Need a new watering can? Why buy a new one when you can recycle a laundry detergent container? Just knock a few small holes into the lid and another into the top of the handle for air, then fill with water and pour! Your plants won’t mind – promise!

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