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Red Candy Canes Baubles And Ribbon

Merry Christmas

It’s almost time when Santa’s sleigh will be flying miles high in the sky filled to the brim with toys for all the good little girls and boys. Or something like that.

“A Child’s Christmas in Wales” by Dylan Thomas is without a doubt my favourite Christmas past time. It’s an absolutely brilliant short story about, well a child’s Christmas in Wales as a matter of fact. Was able to find a short excerpt below:

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Healthy Holiday Eating

A lot of us work hard ahead of the holidays (and in general) to get into good shape, only for it to be undone by over eating and drinking come Christmas. Well, I think it’s time to forget the ‘I’ll sort it in the New Year’ resolution shenanigans and instead continue with a healthy regime, over (gasp) Christmas.

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World Being Plugged In

Start Saving Energy

Energy prices are set to rise and now, more than ever, it’s important to do what you can to reduce your consumption. There is no reason not to adopt behaviours and practices that are more energy efficient and that will help to reduce your carbon footprint. And hey, if you don’t give a toss about the effect you’re having on the environment then at least do it to save the dosh.

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Craft Tools in Wooden Box

Let’s Get Creative

A lot of time on your hands? Want to start thinking outside the box? Good for you! A few ideas to help get you started and no, I’m not about to suggest random appliances you can start fixing or ‘fun’ ways for you to clean the house. No, that would be weird.

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Autumn Entertaining

With the cooler months en route to us full steam ahead there will be lots of time to spend in the great indoors. A brilliant way to kill time cooped up inside is cooking delicious food and entertaining your mates. Decide what you want to eat, decide what you want drink then ask yourself: ‘Will I enjoy this food and drink as much if I share it with others?’ If the answer is ‘no’ then scrap the entertaining bit and just get stuck in yourself.

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Summer Sports

Love him or hate him you can’t deny the excitement Boris Johnson’s speech evoked after the Olympians parade yesterday. It’s been a fantastic summer for sports and especially for the athletes who call Great Britain home. Not only did the games offer a chance for team GB to become one of the most decorated in Olympic history but don’t forget about the likes of Bradley Wiggins claiming the yellow jersey in the Tour de France, Roy McIlroy winning the US Open golf tournament and just last night Andy Murray won not only his first major at the US open, but he also became the first Brit in 76 years to win a Grand Slam title (last time was Fred Perry at the US Open in 1936).

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Weekend Rain On Window

Weekend Washout

The bank holiday is set to be a washout. Hey, no matter there are loads of activities you can engage in indoors. Why not fix some appliances? If yours are in good working condition and don’t need to be fixed, well then go round to your mate’s and offer to fix theirs. Not only will you be doing something you can enjoy indoors and away from the rain, but you’ll also become a fix it yourself hero. Yes, hero. You’ve got from now until end of day Friday to get learning up on some ideas. A few options:

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Keep Fruit Fresh For Longer

Waste Not Want Not

Ok so everyone is always harping on about how important it is to eat your fruit and veg and get your 5 a day – with good reason!! Fruit and veg provide us with loads of nutrients that are good for mind, body and soul. Ok, not sure about the ‘soul’ factor but look, they’re healthy and taste great. However, fresh produce is not the cheapest of things to buy in the supermarket, so storing it properly to maximise its shelf life is essential.Read more

Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s mighty cold out there and the dropping temperature might be just the excuse needed to stay indoors and get some good ol’ cleaning/ chores completed. This way when the weather does start to look better and your mates are all headed out for a knees up you won’t be kicking yourself thinking ‘why the heck didn’t I get this stuff sorted whilst I should have! Even better if you have any little ones kicking around why not get them to help out and spread the work load, making less for all. Why not have them help out with some washing up?

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