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Clothes Hanging On Washing Line In Garden

How to Remove Gardening Stains from Your Clothes

We’re guessing that most of your gardening clothes will be little more than paint splattered rags. We all have a holey old pair of trousers and shapeless top we use for messy garden work. That said, every so now and then you might want to quickly do a job without bothering to change beforehand. Before you know it you’ve got stains on the good clothes that you actually want to wear in front of people. Disaster.

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Who Are You…Sharing Your Clothes With?

There’s no getting away from it, germs are everywhere – from your kitchen surfaces and floors, to your computer’s keyboard at work. Your laundry and washing machine are no different, in fact it has been suggested the average washing machine load can contain as much as 100 million E.Coli bacteria at any given time. [source:]Read more