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Moving A Fridge Freezer

Moving Fridges and Freezers

Should you leave them to stand after moving them?

I was recently asked about the correct thing to do when moving a fridge or freezer. Is it true that you’re supposed to leave your appliance to stand for some time before you switch it on again? I’m well aware of the advice but I really didn’t know whether it was based on any facts or was just an old wives’ tale. There’s certainly plenty of conflicting information on the Internet, ranging from scary assertions that your fridge will definitely blow up to outright dismissal as an urban legend.

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Puting Detergent In Dishwasher

Detergent Dispensers – All You Need to Know

Detergent dispensers are a vital part of a dishwasher, without it you’re just pumping regular old water round the washer, and that ain’t no good if you want crockery and cutlery that’s meal worthy once the cycle’s finished. Like the cutlery basket, it’s a part of the dishwasher that’s getting used constantly. Constant use can lead to wear and tear, and sometimes wear and tear will lead to damage.

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Fridge Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Tips For Fridges

Opting for a fridge or freezer that features a high energy-efficiency rating or is labelled with the recommended logo will ensure the model that you have is as frugal as possible when it comes to electricity use.

A refrigerator operating at its optimum level can save you a lot of money on electricity bills, and it’s a lot better for the environment too. So, what are the ways you can make sure that your refrigerator is energy efficient?Read more

Yellow Kitchen with Cookerhood

Smelly Cooker Hood

The cooker hood is responsible for extracting the air around hob, funnelling grease from collecting elsewhere in the kitchen and helping to keep cooking smells to a minimum. It’s a little known fact, but your extractor fan needs regular maintenance in order for it to perform fully. All the filters on a cooker hood should be replaced at least once every year to keep your kitchen from becoming smelly. If you’ve got a metal filter on your extractor fan this should either be cleaned of grease build up or replaced. In this new video Rory will show you how to clean the grease from a metal cooker hood filter.Read more

How to replace oven door hinges – new video

Integrated kitchen appliances will make any kitchen look stylish, modern and crisp. But what do you do if one of the appliances that your kitchen has been meticulously built around breaks? It’s understandable that you may be concerned that you’ll have to redo your whole kitchen just because ovens are no longer made to the same dimensions of your broken integrated one. Before you get too worried make a note of the brand, model number and serial number* of your appliance and check the eSpares website to find the spares you need to fix your integrated appliance.

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