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Protect your Karcher from the big freeze

With late afternoons becoming very early evenings and Christmas looming just over the horizon, summer is now but a distant memory. And while the weather is distinctly warmer than average right now, it won’t be long before there’s ground frost in the morning and scarves and hats everywhere.

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Use A Chainsaw Safely

Chainsaw Safety Tips

When I say to people ‘we sell spare parts for home and garden appliances’, I usually get replies enquiring about fridges, lawn mowers and washing machines. What doesn’t spring to mind immediately is chainsaws. Now I know it’s not like there’s one in every household in the land, but certainly a fair amount of people do own them; particularly people living in rural areas with bigger gardens.

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The Tail End of Lawnmower Season

We’re getting towards last cut of the year kind of time, and after a hard summer of keeping the grass in check, does your lawn mower need a bit of love? Even if all seems well, it’s always worth giving it a quick MOT to make sure everything’s running smoothly.

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How’s Your Lawn Looking?

Over the past few weeks a lot of the UK has bathed in beautiful, and very warm, sunshine. And while the weather has been perfect for heading down to the beach for the day or playing Frisbee in the park, it’s a decidedly more stressful time for garden owners across the country as they try in vain to keep their lawns from turning in to parched wastelands. The damper weather this week has offered some respite, but summer can still be a testing time for lawn wranglers.

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Drive Belt

How To Replace A Flymo Lawnmower Drive Belt – New Video

If you’re looking for advice on how to fit that new lawnmower belt this new video is for you.

After the coldest UK winter in 30 years it’s been a relief that spring is finally breaking. In preparation for spring/summer 2010 we shot a series of lawnmower repair videos in February which we’re slowly launching in our Advice Centre and on the eSpares YouTube Channel.

Certainly my favourite part of this video series is watching Helen try to maintain her enthusiasm for lawnmowers; outside in the cold, wet and dark wilds of London.

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