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Cover Photo Five Gardening Apps

5 Gardening Apps That Will Change Your Life

We live in an ever-changing technological era, where there is an app for pretty much anything. There are cooking apps, there are gardening apps, there is even an app where you can virtually pop pimples, as some people find this therapeutic… (For those trying to find this right now, it’s called ‘Pimple Popper’.)

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Woman With Watering Hose

How Often Should You Water Your Plants?

Some people are born gardeners, some people have gardening thrust upon them. If you’ve moved into a place with a garden, or you’ve inherited a houseplant, congratulations! You now have a living thing to love and care for. Scary thought, we know! So naturally, the first question is, how often should you water your plant to keep it alive?

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Autumn Leaves Falling On Ground

5 Super Effective Ways to Tackle Pesky Autumn Leaves

A couple of autumn leaves fall onto your lawn. You don’t really notice. A few more fall on the grass and into the flower beds. No problem, they’ll release essential nutrients as they rot and help feed your plants. Then the autumnal foliage ups its game and seemingly overnight the whole lawn is obscured by a carpet of fiery hues. Time to break out the garden tools.

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