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Warming Food For The Winter Months

Warming Food For The Winter Months

As you will be very aware, winter has arrived with a vengeance over the last couple of days. While good news for scarf salesmen and yetis, not so nice when you have to battle through snow and wind to get in to work. When it comes to comforting yourself over the fact that it’s going to be dark by four in the afternoon every day for the next five months, I am of the opinion that hearty food is the best medicine. On that note, check out these delicious looking one-pot, slow-cooked recipes – the lamb shank I think looks particularly delectable. Remember to check out our website if you need oven spares; we’ve got thousands of ’em.

Bottled Water VS Filtered Water

Brita Filters

We recently came across a video which shows what a cup of tea looks like when made from water of varying states of filtration. My personal view is that this may need investigating by an independent source.

However it did get me wondering what a cup of tea would look like when brewed with bottled water. I did think of conducting the experiment myself, a pound on a bottle of water is alright, but buying a brand new kettle just to make two cups of tea is a bit excessive, so I shall have to stick to guesswork.

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