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Wasp Nest With Wasps

Winterise Your Home to Protect from Pests

As the cooler months head our way it’s important to make sure your home is ready and prepared to deal with the changing climate. Most importantly you’ll also want to keep your home protected from pesky pests that understandably will be looking to set up shop in the warmth of your abode. Take the necessary steps to disallow pests and other vermin from making your home theirs.

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Mouse Catching Advice And Tips

Bye Bye Mice

Let’s face it. Whether you live in a new home or an older Victorian era abode, these creatures will get in and they can be a real nuisance if they’re not caught. See some tips below to help the pesky problem.

Remember mice are very small (1-2 inches long), so even the smallest of holes can make your home accessible to them.

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Benefits Of Steam Cleaning

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Rumour has it that ‘steam cleaning’ was discovered in Europe only about 20 years ago when a pub landlord used steam from the cappuccino machine to clean lipstick from a wine glass. Boom, steam cleaning was born. I’m not sure how accurate or inaccurate this information may be, but regardless it makes for a nice little anecdote!

Anyway there are obvious advantages to using steam to clean, and three that top the list are:

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Toddler With Dishwasher

Child Proof Your Home

For those of you with little ones, helping to keep your home child-safe is of utmost priority. Especially in the kitchen, you’ll want to make sure anything that could cause harm is out of the reach or way. Albeit, some of these things might seem like common sense, it is important to make sure you’ve taken every precaution in order to protect the young’ns. A few tips below will help keep your kitchen safe.

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Hosepipe Ban Update

It would appear that the hose-pipe ban could be ended sooner for some areas in the UK. Thames Water, the largest in the UK has announced that unless there is a ‘Saharan twist’ in the weather the ban should be lifted before autumn. (Not that any of us would be particularly interested in watering anything in our gardens at the minute!!)

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Hosepipe Ban Remains

OK, so perhaps like me, many of you are somewhat confused about how a hosepipe ban can still be in place after the weeks of rainfall we’ve experienced in April. I even recall we had the equivalent of a month’s worth of rainfall over just 24 hours. So why are we still technically in ‘drought’ and why is there still a hosepipe ban?

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