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Easy Fix It Yourself

Fix-It Story Snaps!!

Right, so firstly a huge thank you to all who’ve been sharing your fix-it stories with us. We’ve received some absolute corkers which makes our job of reading them totally and utterly enjoyable. (Watch this space for further announcements of winners!) We’ve also been lucky to get some pretty fantastic fix-it photos that we’re pretty keen to share. Some of you need to seriously pat yourselves on the back for your resourcefulness when taking on home repairs.

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Fix It Yourself On Fridays

Fix-It Fridays!!

Hey y’all. So we are running a Fix It Yourself Fridays contest throughout the month of April and would like to hear your ‘fix it yourself’ stories. Now it doesn’t matter if the jobs were easy, difficult, enjoyable or evoked profanities; so long as you got there in the end and successfully ‘fixed it yourself.’ By submitting your stories you will be eligible to win some pretty super prizes.

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6 Months To Go

Only 6 months until London plays host to the 2012 Summer Games and if only there was a way to incorporate your old appliances into the mix what an event that would make. Some crazy and creative Yanks have already created an entire competition for appliances only; Appliance Art Revival in the wonderful city of Bellingham, Washington. I’m not sure how the IOC would feel about the addition of such events but surely they could at least consider adding them to the list of Summer Games events, perhaps even Winter Games events…….see which washing machine proves fastest on the bobsled track or challenge your obsolete microwave to the gravity defying ski jump.

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