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Back To School Doodles

7 Awesome Back to School Cleaning Tips for Busy Parents

Wow. As you survey your home following the ecstatic weeks of freedom your kids have enjoyed this summer one thought goes through your mind. How am I ever going to clean this up? Quite a few of us here at eSpares have kids so we know your pain if you’re dreading the post summer holiday cleaning. Luckily we’ve got some excellent cleaning tips here to help!

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Achieve A Stain Free Home

Achieve a Stain Free Home With Ease

As the old saying goes, there’s no use in crying over spilled milk. However, there does come a time when spilt milk (and other liquids), although do not need tears do need urgent attention if spilt because if they’re left they can cause stains.

Each stain possibility needs to be tackled with its own specialist stain remover, and to help you find the best remover for your stains, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common stains which are likely to be found within your home.

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Cleaning Made Easy With A Steam Cleaner

Cleaning Made Easy With A Steam Cleaner

American interior design, Mario Buatta once said that “dust is a protective coating for fine furniture”, and whilst this may be true, there’s only so much dust and dirt that can be taken within a home until someone cracks and brings out the cleaning products.

However, very few of us, if any of us actually enjoy running the vacuum and duster around the home, let alone providing a deep clean of the home, which can take hours to complete and still leave areas of your home looking as though they have been untouched.

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Cleaning With Lemon And Vinegar

3 Cleaning Tips We Learnt From Our Grandparents

It’s well known that grandparents bring a little more wisdom, warmth, happiness and love to every life they touch; and to celebrate grandparents on today (September 7th), National Grandparents Day, at eSpares we’ve decided to share some of the greatest cleaning tips our grandparents have passed onto us.

The tips shared below use the power of everyday household / kitchen products, which are typically used in cooking; and first up is the….

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