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Who Are You…Drinking With Tonight?

165 million cups of tea are drunk every day in the UK, whilst the equivalent of 12 million bottles of wine are also drunk each week in England. But every time you have a drink, do you really know who – or more importantly – what you’re sharing that drink with?

You may be surprised to find out how much bacteria we come into contact with every time we have a drink.

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Who Are You…Sharing Your Clothes With?

There’s no getting away from it, germs are everywhere – from your kitchen surfaces and floors, to your computer’s keyboard at work. Your laundry and washing machine are no different, in fact it has been suggested the average washing machine load can contain as much as 100 million E.Coli bacteria at any given time. [source:]Read more

Dirty Dishes

Who Are You…Eating With Tonight?

A common ice-breaker at dinner parties is the question “who dead or alive would you have a meal with, and why?” It can be a difficult question to answer, yet it always breaks the ice.

But we’ve got another question to ask…“who are you eating with tonight?”

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Unmade Messy Bed

Who Are You…Sleeping With Tonight?

We spend as much as 35% of our lives snoozing under the duvet, but have you ever stopped to think about who you’re sharing your bed with? We’re not talking about your partner or even your pets, but instead bedbugs.

Bedbugs aren’t an uncommon issue for households throughout the UK, but removing them doesn’t have to involve an expensive pest control company. Instead, by following the advice outlined in this post, you can remove and prevent bedbug infestations in your home.

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Open Book With Light

Clean Your Home With Ease…With These Old Wives Tales

During December we ran a competition on Birmingham Favourites, in an attempt to find the best old wives tale, which have been passed down through the generations and are still sworn by. We had a great response to the competition, and after careful consideration we’ve picked our five favourites…including the winning entry.

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Home Steam Cleaning Benefits

How To Provide a Deeper Clean of Your Home

How clean is your home, really how clean is it? Sure you may regularly vacuum and polish, but this doesn’t mean your home is as clean as you think. It has previously been suggested that vacuuming only removes 80% of the dirt in your home – so how do you provide an even deeper clean?

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Back To School Doodles

7 Awesome Back to School Cleaning Tips for Busy Parents

Wow. As you survey your home following the ecstatic weeks of freedom your kids have enjoyed this summer one thought goes through your mind. How am I ever going to clean this up? Quite a few of us here at eSpares have kids so we know your pain if you’re dreading the post summer holiday cleaning. Luckily we’ve got some excellent cleaning tips here to help!

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